Spider-Man: Miles Morales home screen music leaks online

(Image credit: Sony)

The main menu music for Spider-Man: Miles Morales has leaked online, and it's a bit of a banger.

Yesterday on October 19, the music for the main menu of Spider-Man: Miles Morales found its way onto YouTube. Although all existing recordings of the music have been completely scrubbed from YouTube, you can check out a sample of the track just below, preserved on Twitter.

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The track just above is an absolute banger. It starts out pretty low key with some jazz instruments like a trumpet and some percussion, before swelling with added instruments into a decidedly epic track.

It's just another great selection of music by Insomniac. You might remember a pretty striking track playing in the background of the gameplay reveal for Miles Morales earlier this year, as our titular webslinger fought villains on the streets of New York City. That track was the one just below, by Jaden.

There's now less than a month to go until Spider-Man: Miles Morales launches for both the PS4 and PS5. Insomniac's game launches as either a standalone product or bundled in with 2018's Spider-Man on November 12. The PS5 version of Miles Morales boasts a fancy performance mode, which can whack the visuals up to 4K while also supporting a smooth 60FPS.

If you're after a complete list of all the other games you'll be able to play on the PS5's launch day next month in November, check out our PS5 launch games guide.

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