Special Doctor Who treat tomorrow

It's good news/bad news time for Who fans this week.

The bad news: due to the Eurovision Song Contest, the seventh episode of the series (Chris Chibnall's "42") is going to be put back a week, meaning there'll be no Who episode on 12 May. A good decision, we reckon - if the BBC stuck it on earlier, the ratings would droop, like they did last time the show was rescheduled cos of Eurovision.

The good news: the Who production team are promising a special little extra this week to compensate, which will air after this week's story, "The Lazarus Experiment". They're being very cagey about the exact nature of this "special treat", but given that the announcement on the official Who website includes an image of a grinning John Simm standing in front of the Houses of Parliament, we're gonna make a stab in the dark: maybe a Party Political Broadcast by the mysterious Mr Saxon?
After all, we have just had a nationwide day of elections, so it'd be appropriate timing, right? Anyone got a better guess?

Remember, our review of this week's episode will go live on this here site at 7.45pm on Saturday - so do pop by and see what we thought!