Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Even the busiest of gamers will have time for a little SUN. That is, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, the up-and-coming MMO from the "Land of the Morning Calm" (ahem, Korea).

That's the idea behind SUN; while some games might concentrate scaling their graphical goodies to match your video card, SUN players will find that they can dial in just the right amount of adventure. Have just a snippet of time for some solo questing, or do you want to serve up an epic weekend treasure search for your whole clan? SUN's custom Battle Zone mission selector will let you choose exactly the kind of action you want. This enables you to unravel the main quest, level up a new character or simply jump into Player-vs-Player combat. It's completely up to you.

Thanks to its Korean heritage, the art style of SUN charges into virgin territory with a heady combo of photo-realistic-fantasy-steampunk elements. The SUN cocktail is completely unrecognizable, yet remains one of the prettiest RPG worlds we've ever seen.

We won't begin our adventure until sometime next year, but until then we've hoarded away a treasure box of screenshots. Hit the Images tab at the top of the screen for a quick look at SUN.

June 21, 2006