Soul of the Ultimate Nation

SUN is fashioned for people who make massively multiplayer online games more of a lifestyle than a pastime. This kind of hardcore mentality towards videogaming has found a home in Korea, where MMO games have become a national phenomenon that borders on obsession. No really, obsession: two Korean players have died from exhaustion after marathon gaming sessions in the past few years. An in-game example of this kind of dedication: there is no immediate resurrection straight-back-to-the proverbial-town when you die. You'll need help from your party if you want to reanimate, unless you'd like a big death penalty.

In Korea, it is generally free to install an MMO's core game, except players pay a much higher monthly fee. Game makers also typically add episodic content so that players continually face new challenges. The developers of SUN don't plan on giving the game away in the US, but they do plan on adding new content within a year's time, including player-vs-player combat. Are you ready for an "MMO Royale with Cheese"? We sure are.