Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain say they'd protect Women's Rights if they had real X-Men superpowers

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The X-Men franchise has long served as a metaphor for acceptance and equality. Now, stars of the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain, have spoken out about how they would love to use X-Men powers in real life to protect women’s rights.

Speaking to GamesRadar in an interview for the upcoming movie, which stars Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner as the super-powerful X-Men member Jean Grey, and Jessica Chastain as a cosmic villain who wants to use Jean’s power for her own agenda, we asked the actors which mutant power they would choose for themselves in the real world. 

Watch the full interview below:

“Time. I want to manipulate it,” said Jessica Chastain to GamesRadar, “I’d take a nap…. Or if, you know, there was something happening where people were about to take the rights away from women in certain states, I would stop time, go in, tear up the papers and put bananas in their hands instead of pens.” 

“Nice, I like that,” agreed Sophie Turner, “I would like to have the power to give everyone empathy and compassion… then maybe they would also not ban abortions."

In the US this month, the state of Alabama passed a bill that bans abortion in almost all cases

“There’d be no discrimination, no prejudice, no wars,” explained Turner.

“People would just love on each other all the time,” added Chastain. 

Meanwhile, GamesRadar asked the cast what mutant power they would bestow upon their worst enemy. The results were… less profound. 

“I’d give them the power of shitting every time they blinked,” revealed Turner. 

“I don’t know if I could top that,” Chastain considered, “The worst power ever? You would fart out of your nose… when you were talking to people, every time you breathe out, it would be like like gas.” 

We’ll have to wait for the film to hit cinemas to find out whether Jean Grey, who develops heightened, super powerful abilities following an accident on a space mission, develops any of the above in the canon X-Men universe. 

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is released in cinemas on June 5, 2019. 

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