Sony trashes Halo 3 on Wikipedia

Sept 04 2007

It's faintly ridiculous, but some sneaky person from Sony has been vandalising the Halo page on Wikipedia so that the Halo 3 section comments "[Halo 3] is expected to set a high watermark for next-generation games, but won't look any better than Halo 2"

Cheeky. Vandalism on Wikipedia is an everyday occurrence, so if this muppet hadn't used an IP address registered to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Liverpool offices, it wouldn't have been half as newsworthy. As it is, they've ironically drawn more attention to Halo.

Above: Not better? Someone's telling porky pies

There'll be retaliation for sure. Oh wait, this is retaliation for when Microsoft crashed the PS3 launch in London by handing out branded to chairs to those queuing. And chartered thatboat on the Seine for the French launch. Expect the japery to continue.