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Sony pleaded for PS3 dev support

Oct 23, 2007

Writing in his games blog, Takahashi states that Sony has abandoned the "arrogance of past years" following weaker than expected sales of its next-gen system. The platform holder has reportedly told developers that the PS3 will be a success, suggesting it's just a slow burner.

"One piece of news that came out this week was that Sony pleaded with third-party developers not to abandon its struggling platform... The argument is that the PS3 will show its strength as developers learn how to make games for it.

"But developers know they can staff four or five Wii teams with the same number of people it takes to make one PS3 game. We may have a glut of Wii games soon, but that's not as bad as not having enough games on the PS3."

Takahashi's comments follow the recent release of NPD sales statistics for September. The numbers showed that Sony sold only 119,400 PS3s during the month, in comparison to the Xbox 360 and Wii which both shifted more than 500k units at retail.

While Sony labeled September "a strong month for the PlayStation brand," Takahashi feels that the system's lack of killer software means more hard times lay ahead for the company's games division.

"Sony managed to crack the top ten finally with a PS3 title, Heavenly Sword. But beyond Ratchet & Clank, it's unclear what is going to be a big seller for the company this season."

Courtesy of CVG