Sony opening new Imports section of the PlayStation Store to bring scantily-clad muscle men to your home

If there's one thing I miss about console generations past, it's the import scene. Admittedly part of the reason it doesn't really exist any more is that far more gamesare now released in far more countries than ever before, and that's surely a good thing. But regardless, the elitist in me misses it. Oh, the fun of scouring Japanese and American release lists for obscure curiosities unlikely to ever see the electric light of a European game shop. The detective work required to track down a reliable importer with a copy at a non-extortionate price. The logistical investigation into whether I could actually get the thing to run on my machine. It was great.

And on the 21st of this month, Sony is set to reintroduce the experience - albeit without all the expense and faff - with the launch of a new Imports sectionon the PlayStation Store, dedicated to bringing previouslyunavailable Japanese games to the west. And it's picked a couple offairly odd choices to kick it all off. Read on, and bring your secure sense of sexual identity with you.

Above: That's your 'normal' option. But there's also something far less so coming...

First up is side-scrolling shmup GaiaSeed, but coming along with it is the PS1 iteration of legendarily mad shooter Cho Aniki. For the unititiated, Cho Aniki is a cultishly revered series of 2D shooters which replace shiny spaceships with shiny muscle men in thongs. They're guano loopy and dripping with camp humour and assorted nonsense. Think of them as a homoerotic Parodius and you're halfway there. Oh yeah, and this one uses digitised photography instead of hand-drawn sprites. Just wanted to warn the more sensitive amongst you.

Here's a video of the Saturn version of the same game to let you know exactly what you'll be getting when the service launches on the US PS Store next week.

No word yet on a European launch, but we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, let us know what else you want. Are there any long-coveted Japanese gems of yesteryear you're dying to get your hands on?

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David Houghton
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