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Sony NGP will arrive in multiple models, 3G costs extra

As Sony named off each of the NGP's many modern features, all we could see were giant dollar signs piling on top of each other. OLED screen? Near-PS3 level visuals? Two touch screens? This thing's gonna cost a bundle, to be sure. But at least one those perkswill beoptional and won't be a part of the NGP's standard feature set.According to Eurogamer, 3G support - which will allow users to play online games, download content and continue to ignore the world around them from any place with a signal - is included in a separateNGP model, and will cost extra. Conversely, all models will ship with WiFi capabilities, more or less echoing Apple's strategy with the iPad last year. The actual quote:

Above: Options!

But what about the rest of the world?Andriasangreports all Japanese models will include 3G, with no option for a WiFi-only version. We'd like to think if Europe receives 3G/WiFi options, the same would happen in the US, but there's no word regarding Sony's NGP plans in theStates. Which3G provider wouldSony side with in the US? Verizon?AT&T? We expectE3 will answer all these questions.

While we could argue all day about whether "more power" is a fitting battle plan for a handheld, I think we can all agree acknowledging 3G is an important step in the right direction. Portable gaming has completely changed since the PSP and DS arrived in '04 and '05, and the PSP2/NGP appears to be tailoring itself to trends instead of forcing people to play on Sony's terms. Now about that price...

Jan 27, 2010

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