Sony INZONE H3 review: "Great performance and value for the price"

Sony INZONE H3 gaming headset
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GamesRadar+ Verdict

If you want a headset that sounds good and looks great with your PS5 or INZONE M9 monitor, the Sony INZONE H3 is the sub-$100 headset for you.


  • +

    Very comfortable for long-term wear (and glasses-wearers)

  • +

    Solid sound quality

  • +

    Looks sleek, especially alongside PS5 and other Inzone products


  • -

    Wired AUX cable can't be detached

  • -

    Plastic feels a tad cheap

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The Sony INZONE H3 gaming headset is a wired headset that offers a no-frills audio experience at a reasonable price. It's definitely looking to shake things up in 2022's best gaming headset and best PS5 headset conversations for those sets under the $100 category mark, and it looks great alongside the PS5 and the other INZONE peripherals, 

The headset is lightweight and simple to use, and its wired connection and synthetic ear-cup material are why it's priced at $99. But how well does the Sony Inzone H3 sound? Is it a worthy purchase for the PS5 or PC player? We'll get into that and more with our Sony INZONE H3 gaming headset review. 

Design & Features

Sony Inzone H3

(Image credit: Sony)
Essential info

Design: Over-ear, closed back
3.5mm AUX/USB via dongle
Microphone: Uni-directional, flip to mute
Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile
Impedance: 35 ohm
Frequency response: 
10Hz - 20,000Hz
Price: $99/£89
Tested on PC and PS5.

The Sony INZONE H3 is a white and black headset - the same design language as the other INZONE peripherals, the Sony INZONE M9 monitor, and Sony INZONE H9 headset - with a wired connection via 3.5mm AUX cable or a dongle that will transform the AUX connection into a wired USB connection. The original cable is about four feet long, while the cable plus the USB dongle is about six feet long. Unfortunately, the wired cable is permanently attached to the headset, which could mean potential connectivity problems down the line given general wear and tear (though I didn't notice any during testing). 

The H3 has a super cushy headband and synthetic, nylon-like earcups. The volume control can be accessed via a wheel on the left cup, which has a clear top and bottom that you can't scroll past. 

The Sony INZONE H3 headset has what Sony is calling 360 Spatial Sound, which you can activate on the PC using the Inzone hub. This "reproduces spatial sound out of multi-channel audio signals as the game creators intended." You can also download a smartphone app called 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer to get spatial sound optimized for your specific ear shape. The Sony INZONE H3 boasts 40mm drivers and an impedance of 35ohm, while the boom microphone is uni-directional and can be flipped up to be muted. 


Sony Inzone H3

(Image credit: Sony)

The Sony INZONE H3 is incredibly comfortable - as a glasses-wearer and FPS gamer who spends a lot of time donning a headset, this is of the utmost importance to me. I wore these babies for hours at a time and never got so much as a pinch. The ear cups and headband are incredibly cushy, and the lightweight plastic helps make the Sony INZONE H3 feel almost weightless. 

As far as sound goes, this is a solid one. It can get loud without getting distorted, and it has nice sound separation and detailed audio, although you will lose some bass compared to the INZONE H9. The spatial audio sounds great during my Apex Legends and Overwatch matches - I can hear footprints with ease and figure out what direction they're headed, which helps me get the jump on enemies. There's not as much sound blockage as the INZONE H9 either, which I'm always aware of as I like to keep my volume low enough that I don't further damage my already sensitive ears. 

My teammates did report that they occasionally noticed the sounds of my keyboard/cats during gameplay, so the microphone doesn't have as much noise canceling as I'd like. But they also reported that my voice was crystal clear and sounded great during matches. 

Sony Inzone H3

(Image credit: Sony)

Using the INZONE H3 with my PS5 DualSense controller is super easy and sounds great - the thumping techno beat that plays in the lobby of Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodhunt sounds fantastic, and as I walk away from the speakers where it's playing and hear the thumping beat fade, I can't help but grin at how good it sounds.

The INZONE hub is easy to use and is great for switching between playing games and listening to music, as I could adjust the equalizer depending upon the audio output. This is a great feature, especially since you can custom create sound profiles that work best for you.

Should you buy the Sony INZONE H3?

Sony Inzone hardware

(Image credit: Sony)

If you're looking for a good wired headset under $100/£100, the Sony INZONE H3 is a great option for you and offers great performance and value for the price - especially if you own a PS5 or the Sony Inzone monitor. The headset looks especially sleek next to the other two similarly colored products, so Sony fans may want to have the entire collection for the sheer *vibes*. However, this headset is more than double the price of the Razer Kraken V3 X, for example, but the customization options available with the INZONE app may make this worth it for you. The INZONE H3 looks a lot more like a traditional pair of headphones rather than a gaming headset, which may be something that sways you if you're looking for a more low-key looking peripheral.

How we tested the Sony INZONE H3

The Sony INZONE H3 became my go-to headset for PC work and gaming, and I even used it for a bit with my PS5. I used it for work meetings and Discord chatting, as well as playing some Overwatch and Apex Legends on my PC. I also played a ton of Elden Ring and Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt on my PS5. I used it briefly on my phone to check out the new Beyonce album but did not find it as easy to use as the other Sony INZONE H9 because of the cord. 

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Tested on PC with an iBuyPower Y60BG201 gaming PC supplied by iBuyPower and a Sony Inzone M9 monitor supplied by Sony. 

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Available platformsHardware, PC, PS5, PS4
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