Sony has an unfathomably huge TV for playing God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok
(Image credit: Sony)

God of War Ragnarok is being played on quite possibly the biggest screen we've ever seen at Sony HQ.

Yesterday on November 9, the official Sony Twitter account tweeted out the short clip seen just below, showing a regular-sized human playing God of War Ragnarok on a not-so-normal-sized screen. As the caption suggests, it's not a surprise very little work got done at Sony's offices that day.

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No, the human seen playing God of War Ragnarok here isn't two feet tall or something like that. You can tell that by the regular-sized DualSense controller in their hand at the beginning of the video. Only serious journalistic questions at this outlet, please.

Having said that though, the lad (or is that BOY?) is probably a little closer to the gigantic TV than they should be. Standing 20 feet away from this behemoth would be absolutely fine and dandy, but sitting where this guy is can't be that good for your eyesight in the long run, surely.

You've also got to wonder how regularly this comically-huge screen at Sony HQ actually gets used. Is there someone sat in there every day, watching The Chase on there come 5pm? It's a little hard to imagine. 

Still, God of War Ragnarok is finally out now after months on end of anticipation and speculation. We've got plenty of guides here to help you throughout the epic adventure, such as our lengthy God of War Ragnarok Nornir chests guide for upgrading both your health and rage meters. 

You can also read up on our God of War Ragnarok treasure maps guide for a full list of where to find some elusive gear. 

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