Sony confirms PS3's first MMO

The Agency, a massively multiplayer online game casting players as James Bond-a-like spy characters, is the first confirmed MMO for PlayStation 3. Our sistermagazine PSM reveals several juicy detailsin its latest issue. The mag expects a holiday 2007 release date, but publisher Sony Online has clarified with GamesRadar that no official date has been set yet.

Developed by Sony Online Entertainment, the brains behind EverQuest Adventures on PS2, The Agency will offer "action, adventure and intrigue," along with "betrayals... the stuff that hasn't been tapped yet in the genre," promises executive producer Matt Wilson.

What's more, "you are what you wear," Wilson has told PSM. In other words, if Tom Clancy-esque blasting is for you then strap on the flak armor and combat fatigues - but if undercover stealth is your preferred spy-style, you'll be wanting to pull on some less conspicuous threads.

There'll be two factions to align yourself with, hinting at PvP combat/espionage, but there's no word on RPG elements. We do know, however, that once you build a reputation you can start to collect your own AI-controlled secret agent team. We're excited to see MMOs taking a different direction from genre-busting World of Warcraft, and with luck our Agency dossier should be packed with brand new info real soon.

June 4, 2007

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