Sony appears to stop direct PS4 Pro sales

PS4 Pro
(Image credit: Sony)

A PlayStation Direct store listing indicates that Sony has no plans to sell any additional PS4 Pro consoles directly.

As first picked up on by The Gamer earlier today on December 18, the PlayStation Direct store listing for the PS4 Pro reads "out of stock," and "there are currently no plans to restock this item in the future." 

This would certainly seem to indicate that Sony has no plans to sell any additional PS4 Pro consoles, if their own direct store says that no restocks will be available in the future. Could it mean they don't plan to manufacture any more? Potentially, although, it could be that PlayStation Direct will focus on the base PS4 and PS5, while retailers still receive the PS4 Pro. 

Previously, Sony has spoken repeatedly about believing in the jump between console generations, back before the PS5 even launched. Bearing this in mind, it shouldn't be a massive surprise that the company wants to push more consumers towards adopting their brand new console.

If this is the case, then newcomers to the PlayStation family of consoles are left with two options: a base PS4, or a PS5. Considering that the PS5 has been incredibly hard to come by if you weren't lucky enough to pre-order one on the day they were made available, this leaves newcomers with relatively few options.

Over the last few weeks, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan revealed that all PS5 stock is completely sold out, including consoles and accessories, for the time being. If you're still trying to get your hands on Sony's next-gen console, you might want to check out our detailed PS5 deals guide for an up-to-date listing of retailers with current and projected stock. 

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