Sons of Anarchy spinoff in the pipeline

Kurt Sutter is returning to the fictional town of Charming for a second helping of biker drama. Even with the showrunner's first series since Sons Of Anarchy ready to drop in a couple of weeks, Sutter's now set the wheels in motion for a spinoff based on another gang from the original show.

The untitled spinoff is said to revolve around the Oakland-based Mayans Motorcycle Club, a charter led by Marcus Alvarez. Their dealings usually revolved around heroin, which meant there was little competition between their operation and the Sons' gun-running schemes. Later on, the two groups even ended up forging an alliance of sorts.

According to Variety, there's no confirmation as yet concerning Emilio Rivera reprising his role as the Mayans' leader, or the specifics of what the show will actually be about. Whether Sutter's got time to fully immerse himself back into the biker set is another matter altogether. His new show for FX, The Bastard Executioner, starts airing on September 15, which is why he'll be taking an executive producer role instead of the more hands-on showrunner position.

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Gem Seddon

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