Sonic Adventure 2 cheats

Sonic Adventure 2 cheats
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Use these Sonic Adventure 2 cheats to unlock plenty of hidden characters, and we've also got lots of tips to help you through the speedy hedgehog's adventure.

Sonic Adventure 2 cheats

Character Wheel And Extra Characters

If you want to get the character wheel and extra characters go to stage select and get all 5 emblems in all levels in "A" rank. It's very tough,you won't be able to do it unless you are a pro.Anyway,stage select 2 will apear it's just like the other one exept you can play the last stage whether you have beaten it or not and rigt before you go to it a password screen comes up,if you don't want to enter a cheat go to exit and a character select screen will come up.Here are cheats to get hidden characters in stage select 2.

NORMCCC-be normal chao
COOLCCC-be chao with dark glasses
GOLDCCC-be gold chao
SILVCCC-be siler chao
GRIMCCC-be grim reaper chao
HOLLCCC-be halloween chao
SUPRSPD-be supersonic
HYPRSHW-be hyper shadow
CODEMRA-be Eggmans cousin Maria
PRFRGRD-be Eggmans grandfather profesor gerald
METLSNC-be metal sonic
WINGFOX-be tails' brother wings
BLUEEDA-be blue knuckles
DARKFAT-be fat shadow
DEVLNIK-be Eggman with no mustash,with horns
PINKVAM-be Rouge's huge sister Mascara

Sonic Adventure 2 tips

Way More Big

You can also find big in two other levels. First of all you can find him on the first level with Dr Eggman on the left side in a cage. Second of all you can find him hanging on to a pillar inside the main engine at the center of the level with knuckles when you have to find the gate keys in the pyramid.=)

Dreamcast | Submitted by Eddie Pendleton

Dark Chao Garden

To do this,you'll need to raise a chao only using dark characters. Eventually he will evolve(turn into a tear shaped cocoon.) After he evolves, a staircase going down will appear in the chao lobby go down and you will be at the dark chao garden.

Dreamcast | Submitted by bhall

Rouge's Emerald Finder

You will need mystic melody and metal boots to find this. In Rouge's level where you have to find 3 chaos emeralds you should find a bit of old ruins on the right hand side of the lower part of the room. Play mystic melody, cross over on the platforms, break the two metal containers, break the other two containers and it should be there

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Get Shadow's Flame Ring(Realway)

In the radical highway, the airplanes will attack u in certain places.

on the second airplane attack, stop!

look back n use somersault to squeeze through the platform.

use light dash to zoom across the way n it should be there.

NOTE:the flame ring lets u do fire somersault. You can use it to break steel containers.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Cole Young

Easy Way To Beat The Rock Head Dude

All right this is very simple. When you get around the big rocky dude when he stops and there are the walkways on his back, Do not use your bounce technique, Because when you do that it forces you to go down really fast.

The best way to beat him is just to jump on the stairs. Another thing, If that little blue robot tells you that you should use the bounce technique because its the easiest way to get to the top, Then he is wrong.

Dreamcast | Submitted by J.S.

Some Powerup Locations

These are the harder to get powerups and are not the ones that are required to complete missions.

Sonic Ancient Light

In the green forest there are two cave -like areas where the bottom has enemies and the top has an exit. In the second cave from the right of the top you can see a ring container. Double jump it and jump again th find the ancient light.


At the end of his first level there is a passageway you can oen using the bazooka powerup. inside is the homing missle upgrade


A little into the level there is an area where you take one of those lift things up to a platform with a line of rings leading to an enemy and a spring platform. Jump up the spring platform to the road above. STOP.

Look for a platform to the left. On it is the fireball attack.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Onehitko

Switch Characters In "Final Hazard"

When you play as Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow and you are running low on rings ( When ever you play as Super Sonic or Hyper Shadow, you'll slowly lose rings.) and don't think you'll make it in time to hit the lizards weak spot, then all you need to do to switch to the other guy, (If your Sonic You will switch with Shadow) is to go to the other side of where you started. Then when you do switch, the other charcter should have about 40 or more rings to start out with.

Dreamcast | Submitted by luke malpass

Exactly What You Unlock When You Have 180 Emblems

I've read through the cheats for sonic adventure 2, and quite francly, i think i'm the only one who has fully completed it, so i've decided to tell you exactly what you unlock and what you don't, and don't say "well i've completed it in a different version and my cheat does work" because i've completed it in jap, eng and amer.

Once totally complete with 180 emblems you unlock the final stage in stage select (if for some reason it wasn't there before), you also get green hill in stage select (it will appear with a question mark on the left hand part of the map, and finally you unlock these characters in 2P mode:

in place of

shadow = shadow(2) and metal sonic

sonic = sonic(2) and amy rose

eggman = eggman(2) and big the cat

tails = tails(2) and a chao

rouge = roug(2) and chaos

knuckles = knuckles(2) and tikal

Dreamcast | Submitted by Vincent Gerochi

Secret Passage In Final Rush

In final rush ,do you grind around the rail in the big tube? Well there is another way to do it. When your grinding inside ,jump off but don't panic! Try to grind the rail, if you can.

Dreamcast | Submitted by josh

Choose Chao Color

When you are in the normal chao garden (not the light or dark gardens) if you pet your chao with a dark character it will slowly turn darker and if you pet it with a hero character it will slowly turn lighter NOTE: you have to pet the chao many times in a row for the color change to take place

Dreamcast | Submitted by Damein15

Mystic Melody For Rouge

On the Dry Lagoon Board when you start, scale the walls in the middle level of the Oasis you start out in. You should find a wall hidden in the shadows that you can dig through that looks different from the others. It has a huge bird on it and it looks like there is an oval shaped portal in his belly. The wall looks just like the ones Knuckles can dig through. Go through and there it is.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Michael smith

Shadow + Robotnic Mystic Melody

On the final chase stage with Shadow check the top of all of the upright pillars, at the top of one is another pillar with the electric fence things running all the way around it, clime to the top of this one and you will see mystic melody, with Robotnik go to the pyramid level, go 3/4 of the way round the first turning platform, there is a landing far away (jet booster needed) jump over there and find the mystic melody. note that mystic melodies played near the small old ruins reveals secret ways of completing the level, also try it when you are doing the 3rd mission with characters to find the lost chao...usualy.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Anonymous

Tails' Homing Missile Upgrade

In Tails' first level Prison Lane,got to the very end of the level but dont go in the goal, instead, look in all the corners of the room (upper corners)and you will see 1 remaining robot. simply blow up the robot and a gate in the room will open walk in the gate and destroy the last robots to open the last gate revealing the homing missile upgrade

Dreamcast | Submitted by NEMESIS

Stay Alive For A Longer Period On Tail's And Dr Eggman's Stage's.

When you are getting hit when you are Tail's or Dr Eggman and your bar at the bottom of your screen get's lower and lower if you want it to regain energy all you need to do is collect a lot of ring's and every ring is about this big = so if you collect a lot of ring's your bar will eventually be full.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Brent

Space Suits(Hidden Costumes)

If you get an A rank in sonic/tails/knuckles/shadow/robotnic and rouge's missions they will have on a space suit or their robot-car they drive will be different color than normal.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Oliver Balderstoen

The Levels To Find Power Ups On.


City escape

Crazy Gadget

Pyramid Cave

Green Forest

Metal Harbour.


Prison Lane

Mission Street

Hidden Base.


Pumpkin mountain

Wild Canyon

Aquatic Mines

Meteor Herd.


Weapons Bed

Iron Gate

Sand Ocean

The first space level


Radical Highway

Sky Rail

Final Chase


Mad Space

Dry Laggon

Security hall

Go on these levels to find power ups and any other levels that I have not mentioned.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Beat The BioLizard

To beat the BioLizard with Shadow, collect the first 7 rings, then run away from him. Once he starts panting, then you jump and use the Homing Attack to do an unbelieveably fast grind up the pipe coming out of it's mouth. It will get angry and start to shoot out electric egg-like balls at you. Just jump and dodge them and attack again.


Dreamcast | Submitted by Marc B

Turning Chao Evil

A easier way of turning chao's evil than petting them and raising them with evil characters is to punch, kick and hurt your chao. If it starts crying hit it some more and it will turn darker and darker until it is black. Then when it evolves it will be evil. Also when you have both evil and hero chao's you open up evil race and hero race in chao stadium.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Chao Pillow

To give a sleeping Chao a pillow, shake a nut of the tree, and set it next to the Chao's head. The Chao will scoot back and use it for a pillow.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Easy 3rd Emerald

The 3rd emerald on Pumpkin Hill(Hard Mode)is ontop of the church. The way to get it is to climb to the very top of the church and stand on it(you can do this)then put Knuckles' sunglasses on. A spring will appear under you and bounce you right to the emerald!(NO GLIDING NEEDED)

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Even More Big!

In the final action stage in the game when your Tails there is a part in the game where you free fall go all the way down and look on the wall to the right top corner and you will see Big the cat!

Dreamcast | Submitted by Adam Bishop

Skull & Pumpkin Masks

You must use Knuckles or Rouge.

Pumpkin Mask: Goto the Chao or Hero Garden & keep digging till you get a Pumpkin, give it to your Chao & he may wear it on his head.

Skull Mask: Goto the Dark Garden & keep digging till you get a Skull, give it to your Chao & he may wear it on his head.

To take it off kick or punch your chao.

NOTE: Chao's don't always put it on, Your Chao does not have to have any animals used or be Grown up to use it.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Eddie Pendleton

Light Chao Garden

To do this, just do the same thing as the dark chao garden but with hero characters

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Find Big

In Pumpkin Hill with Knuckles, Got to the turn table on Ghost Train Mountain. Then (With Dodging the train) Look at the boarded up paths. In one You will see Big waving though a crack. Another way is to to city chase as sonic. Then, when the truck chases you, look on the sidewalk and hopefully you will see big running and disappearing behind the truck. Good Luck!!!

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Pumpkin Head Chao

Use Knuckles and Rouge (If you have the digging tool) and go in the Chao garden anddig up a pumpkin and I think you need to give a bat thing to the Chao (the thing that makes the chao lose its legs) I think It might work with The hatched Egg You know the one that you can grab

Dreamcast | Submitted by Andrew Paulson

Lose The Board On City Chase

When falling to the ground in the first level City Escape, instead of falling on board you can make it so you can fall on foot. Run towards a wall at full speed with spin dash then hit it and have Sonic get knocked down. Right then pause and push Retry and it'll restart with Sonic on foot instead of on the board in the beginning.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Earn Last Level In Stage Select

To do this you must obtain ALL emblems from the game and from chao world. Do this and last level will be playable in stage select

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Get Super Sonic & Hyper Shadow

Finish the Last Stage?

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Unlock Kart Racing Plus Weird Weapons


To unlock kart racing for 1 player mode beat tails' or rouge's kart racing stage.


To unlock kart racing for 2 player mode beat tails' and rouge's kart racing stage.


Have you ever noticed some weird items that you can't do anything with. Some items I've found are: bombs (THEY EXPLODE!!), skulls, green, blue, and orange item boxes from PSO, game boxes of old sonic games, and even an X Box!!!!!! Actually I'm not sure its an X Box but its a black box about the same size and shape of an x-box, and it has a green X on it that looks EXACTLY like the x-box's logo. The PSO items can be found on the ARK on Rouge's last stage, and the X-Box can be found in Sonic's CRAZY GADGET stage (the x-box is on an x-shaped floor but look carefully because it blends in with the floor)

Dreamcast | Submitted by Daniel

Full Pause

To get pause mode without the pause menu, press X + Y.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Onehitko

Get Eggman's Protection Armor

It's at Cosmic Wall.

On the first part of where you fall for a very long time with enemies every where floating, you'll see platform with metal boxes. Then jump (or hover) dead ahead of the platform ahead of you. On the platform there should be a missile. Press the green button to activate the missile, for it to launch to and break those steel cages on the right of you. Then hover to that platform and there should be the protection armor there.

Dreamcast | Submitted by JLK15

Extras For Multiplayer

To unlock an extra costume for each character complete all of their missions A rank isn't necessary).

If an A rank is achieved for all of a character's missions you can choose another character in that one's places, such as:




Shadow-Metal Sonic

Rouge-Chaos 0

Robotnik-Big the Cat

Dreamcast | Submitted by Ausome

Shortcut In Green Forest

When you are Sonic go on you get to the first blue ramp that lets you go high up in the air. Then go forward and left a little bit. After that once you get to the first ring

don't get it just press B in front of the ring and you will be zooming across the rings light speed. Just continue and you will see that it was much shorter going that way.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Onehitko

Get Air Necklace-

It's at Aquatic Mine.

First make the water level at 1. Then go up that lil' hook and make the water level at three. Then go to the area where it says Caution and it has a spring inside, there should be a hole there. Go inside and go all the way down to the bottom. There you should see another hole with the thing that makes you speed up. Go inside and go straight till you meat a dead end. You'll see some long woods. Go to it and you should even go lower to the bottom. Then you should see another hole. Quickly go inside and swim all the way up. Press "A" to go up quicker. At this put you'll almost run out of air, so get up quickly!!!! If you made... TA-DA!!! There 's the good ol' Air Necklace for ya! What it does is it let you breath under water forever. Cool huh?!

Dreamcast | Submitted by Chris Barnes

Dr. Eggmans Mystic Melody

Once you have the ability to hover, go back to Dr Eggmans first level and jump onto the rotating platform, instead of jumping off to carry on in the level, let it carry u around further, and there will be a platform to jump onto, here you will get the mystic melody where u can use whenever u find a small shrine. This will warp u ahead to a secret part of the level.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Tom

Green Hill Level

To get the Extra Stage, also known as the Green Hill level (familiar to those who own Sonic The Hedgehog game for Genesis), you must get all emblems, and then go to Stage Select, and find the Green Hill level located by Green Forest.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Get Last Stage?

To do this,just beat the game as both dark and Hero. There is only one level in the chapter but its extremely tough. You must play that level as all characters except sonic and shadow. I have only made it to Knuckles

Dreamcast | Submitted by ed

Extra Time On Rouge Level

ON the level where rouge must find 3 choas emeralds within 5 minutes. If you find the first 2 and only have about a minute of time left....let rouge die and when you start your next life you'll still have the 2 emeralds and about 3 and a half minutes on the clock to find the third

Dreamcast | Submitted by James fae milton

Unlock Kart Racing(The Real Way)

To unlock Kart racing get to the level where Tale's has to chase the president's Limo complete it with in the given time and you will unlock Kart racing

Dreamcast | Submitted by Pookitty10

Extra Picture Stuff On PC-Cdrom

Put the SA2 CD into your PC drive. There will be a chao picture, Sonic picture, and a Shadow picture. There are 2 of each thing that have the same thing. They are EXACTLY the same thing. Don't waste your time to look at both of them.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Edwin DelosSantos

Extra Stuff

Dark Garden

Raise a Dark Chao with one of the three Dark characters. Continually feed and train the Dark Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, descending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Dark Garden.

Hero Garden

Raise a Hero Chao with one of the three Hero characters. Continually feed and train the Hero Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, ascending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Hero Garden.

Kart racing mini-game

Successfully complete Tails' driving quest in the Hero side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Hero side story. Successfully complete Rouge's chase mission in the Dark side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Dark side story.

Boss attack mode

Successfully complete the Hero or Dark side story modes to unlock boss attack mode. You will be able to fight the bosses from the side of the story you completed.

Last stage

Successfully complete the Hero and Dark side story modes. Then, enter story mode and a "Last Stage?" selection will appear on the menu between the Hero and Dark selections.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Count

Sonics Magic Gloves & Knuckles Mystic Melody

Go to city escape near the place were there is a big hole with pillars that go up and down in the middle there are some boxes stuck in the floor use the bounce attack (found in pyramid cave) and get it

Go to the wild canyon ride the air thing and go to the very end of the canyon were there is a picture on the wall dig in the center of the picture

Dreamcast | Submitted by kjk

See Big Again!!!

On the city escape level when GUN's gigantic semi truck comes after sonic on the 3rd turn on right side of the screen see big run down the hill.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

More Big The Cat

When your fighting shadow as sonic the first time in green forest look on the ground u will see an in ground cage thing and big is in there, and in the get last stage strategy u have to play through every one but shadow then shadow comes and u fight biolizard and then shadow and sonic turn super and fight in space against final hazard (biolizard fused to the space colony ARK)

Dreamcast | Submitted by Dudeman

Use Chaos Control On Last Stage Story Mode

Ever wish that you could make those stop clocks last just a little longer? Well, theres a way. When you are using Tails/Eggman, you can do it in possibly three (3) different ways:

1. Aim at the clock, then touch without letting go of the button (it should work for about five seconds more than normal.

2. Aim and repeatedly fire at the clock quickly, after about so many times immeadiately hold the button and run where you need to go and hope it works.

3.Same as number three, but rotate the control stick

I still haven't found a way with Rouge/Kuckles yet.

With Sonic, this is the easiest to perform.

When you come into the room that leads to the two walkers, and the floating chaos guy, use the magic gloves on everybody. Once you get to where the clock is, get Sonic ready to perform a super Sonic Spin dash. Hit it at full speed, and the Chaos Control effect should kick in right! If it doesn't work here, use it on the clock just before you go down the big red tube and 'Botnik tells you that it's all up to you. This makes everything easier, especially on the third mission.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Be Like Ash

To be like Ash from Pokemon, get the MAGIC GLOVES from the City Escape level. Then, once you come out of the hole, there will be a WalkerBot in front of you. Get directly under it and change the action to Magic Gloves. You can then capture him in a clear "Poke-Ball" like object, and throw him at other enemies and it will blow him up!

Dreamcast | Submitted by Shiscabob

Easy Way To Beat Rock Golem Quickly

O.k. Youve beaten rock golem 3000000 times. now heres the way to do it quickly. you know that theres these things that glow on the sairs to his head? wll do dash on to those and you do that all the way to his head. but do it all at the same jump but not dash.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Cheatmaster J.C.

Hints For Pumpkin Hill On HARD

Are you stuck on Pumpkin Hill on hard? Well here's the solution.

This is much harder than the 1st mission. From the start, go to the right. Look out for the ghost. Hit him 3 times, or jump over him. Take the rocket up, but grab the wall. Head down as far as you can. Then, Jump and glide. You will see the emerald above the spiny balls. If you're lucky you'll get it on you're first try. If you don't, go back to the bottom of the mountain and jump again. The second emerald is on Pumpkin Mountain. Go around untill you find the ledge with the two skulls blowing fire. You will have to climb the wall where the fire hits. Dig. You should find the next emerald. The last one is hard. Go to Church Mountain and climp to the top of the church. Keep trying until you get a view of the sky. Pause and hold Y & X together. See the green sparkle? That's the emerald! Now for getting it. Go to Pumpkin Mountain. Find the spring behind a metal wall-like structure. Bounce and glide toward Church Mountain. You should be at the same height as the emerald. Keep tr!

ying until you get it.

Huh? Looking for the lost Chao? Well, first snag the Mystic melody from the picture in Wild Canyon. Then, go to the top of Pumpkin Mountain. See the weird box? Use Mystic Melody on it. Take the steps to the top. There he is!

Dreamcast | Submitted by Robert Moore II

Knuckles' Snglasses And Shadows Ancient Light

When you go to Meteor Herd, there is an area with a force field in front of you. Right under that area area several dorrs with red lines on them. There is a floating island not too far fromone of the doors. Punch it as hard as you can and it will break the door. hit the switch inside. now go to the area inside the force field( where you fight Rouge.) the ground should be opened and the glasses are down there.

For Shadow, go to Sky Rail. when you see the very first rocket, don't get it. jump and destroy the enemy toget to the other side. hit the spring and go forward. you will see a thing that goes up when you jump on it. once it is at the top, use the homing attack towards the screen and keep jumping. there is a line of robots that will take you to the ancient light. be careful, the enemies electrify after a while.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Vincent Gerochi

Mystic Melody With Tails

On hidden base,find the second check point then,go across the quick sand then,way up ahead you will see after the lever pulls you,lots of monkeys going to blow you up while you are on the lever kill them all.Then look to the left and you will see a cat on a block blow it up,and jump down you will see metal boxes blow it up with a bozoka and you got it

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