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Some of Uncharted 4's original cast walked because of "weird changes"

Obviously some rum stuff went on with Uncharted 4 (opens in new tab) after original director Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog and Todd Stashwick was re-cast. Now it turns out that might have been due to some unwelcome script changes.

Neil Druckmann has talked about pitching Uncharted 4's new story (opens in new tab) shortly after taking over, and there had been some rumours about a shift to a darker tone. (Nolan North also claimed the regime change saw eight months of work dumped (opens in new tab).) Now Firefly and Con-Man star Alan Tudyk seems to have confirmed some discontent in an interview with IGN (opens in new tab).

He had a role in the game before the changes but "left because they decided to go a different way with it". Apparently the switch from Amy Hennig to The Last Of Us' duo Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley nullified his contract and let him "walk away". He was joined by Todd Stashwick, who "did the same thing I did which was 'yeah we're gonna leave now. Y'all are making some weird changes, we're gonna leave.'"

It sounds like it might not have been a smooth departure either. For starters he seems unsure about exactly how he left: "I liked it... they... ummm... they fired... ummm... [lets out a massive sigh] I left, I quit!" He also seems to want to make it clear he's not close to the studio: "I made some friends - not with Naughty Dog - but I made some friends with the people that left".

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