Nic Cage, Deadpool and a giant cat fight in this Fallout 4 mashup

Fallout 4 is wonderful. It's an immense, irresistible RPG that can also be used to make trailers for Rogue One or The Walking Dead. The vanilla console game is incredible, but it gets better/weirder on PC.

As every right-minded person knows, there's very little in life that can't be improved by the addition of massive cats, Deadpool or John Cena's entrance music. Thankfully, the PC version lets you do all these things and more. That's why, in the name of science and breaking computers, eccentric mod wizard Ben Griffin has downloaded a host of wild, conflicting Fallout 4 mods, just to see what happens when you run them all at once. Check out the video below, and say a prayer for his poor, bewildered machine.

Ben used a website called Nexus Mods to make this. It currently features 8, 219 player-created models, gameplay tweaks, and graphical overhauls, and that’s just for Fallout 4. In total there are 36,198 files across 245 games. Nexus Mods is like the Library of Alexandria, and, if you install and run everything at once, your PC is just as likely to burn down.

Ben Griffin
In 2012 Ben began his perilous journey in the games industry as a mostly competent writer, later backflipping into the hallowed halls of GamesRadar+ where his purple prose and beige prose combine to form a new type of prose he likes to call ‘brown prose’.