Snakes reshoots for R rating

Normally a director would be pretty chuffed to get his movie in the can but not ex-stunt man David R Ellis.

The Cellular helmer wrapped shooting on the stunningly monikered Snakes On A Plane back in September but after witnessing the hype surrounding his little action flick, he got everyone back into production.

Reshooting isn’t uncommon in the movie business but, bizarrely, the Californian lenser’s motives weren’t as routine as they may seem. Ellis has reportedly added new and more terrifying scenes to drag the movie up to a US R-rating and entice the audiences through the doors in August.

The zany plot revolves around Samuel L Jackson’s FBI agent who is transporting a prisoner via plane. While onboard, Big Sam has to do battle with a bunch of deadly snakes, released by an assassin who wants Sam’s prisoner dead.