Smash Court Tennis 3 on PSP

The House of Pac-Man is serving up an all new entry in its popular tennis series, with Smash Court Tennis 3 debuting on the PSP. No word yet on how the game will incorporate the game's trademarked topspin, lobs, and slices but you can bet you'resweet ass Andre Agassi posterthat they'll be in there.

Even if thisSmash Court does lack the pervy touches ofcertain versions, the game still sports an impressive roster of racquet-wielding phenoms, including #1 ranked Roger Federer and 2006 French Open champions Rafael Nadal and Justine Henin. If there's still time,we'd like tosuggest that they add thisoverzealous tennis warriorwho seems to have taken the games name quite literally.

In addition to acquired skills and fully customizable players, you can throw your rep into the local ranking system via the Ad Hoc connection. And please join us in starting a dramatic slow-clap, sinceNamco has thrown greed to the wind and included game sharing so you and your UMD-less buddies can compete head to head anywhere. We recommend playing in the seats of Wimbledon with the sound all the way up.

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March 2, 2007