Smash Court Tennis 3

Baseball this, basketball that. There's more than one athletic pastime that emerges once the snow has melted and the sun begins to shine. The Anglo sport of champions returns later this year, and one of tennis's most renowned franchises receives a slap shot over to the PSP in the inimitable form of Smash Court Tennis 3.Andit brings with it an assortment of circuit pros and twice the customizable features of its predecessor.

To start with, Smash Court 3 boasts one of the deepest racquet wielding experiences this side of the country club. Every damn button results in adistinctiveshot, be it easy, nice or hard.And that's barely scratching the surface, people. Don't know the difference between a lob and drop shot? You will, or at least you'd better, if you have any intention of mastering this utterly immersive tennis sim.

It doesn't end with a simple tap of one of the four buttons either. You'll have to hold them down, releasing them at the proper time, all while factoring in your angle, position, intended direction and the rhythm of the exchange. Sure, it all serves to elevate Smash Court beyond a simplistic game of People Pong, but it's certainly a lot to wrap your head around.