Smash Court Tennis 3

Smash Court Tennis 3 also dropped a bevy of play modes into our unsuspecting lap. Arcade mode is as straightforward as it sounds, whereas Exhibition mode allows you to tweak the little things to your liking. But the net-heads phenoms will want to step right up to the Pro Tour. This is where you'll match off against the pros, opening up events and earning skill points that you can apply to power up a ridiculous array of parameters, ranging from your footwork to your forehand.

Amongst the many reasons you'll want a beefed up tennis mongrel, is for Smash Court's game sharing multiplayer mode, meaning - Halleluiah! -you'll be able to play against any friend with a PSP via an Ad-hoc connection. And you'll definitely want to show your buddies the uber-nifty minigame modes, where you can lob the yellow within the confines of such classic Namco fare as Galaga (see below) and Pac-Man.

Yeah, you heard that right:Pac-Man tennis. Stay tuned from more as Smash Court Tennis 3 approaches us in the coming weeks.