Smallville 7.07 Wrath review

Original US airdate: 8/11/07

Written by: Brian Peterson, Kelly Souders

Directed by: Charles Beeson


The One Where: Lana absorbs Clark’s powers and her voyeuristic tendencies are rumbled. Elsewhere, there’s sentient metal on the loose.

Verdict: This begins with a brilliantly light touch but soon shifts into darker terrain – pity, because the scenes dealing with Lana’s new superpowers are charmingly played (look at her winning expression at the end of the pre-titles). Kristin Kreuk shines in obsessed kick-ass mode, though, and seems infinitely more worthy of a spin-off than Kara, whose absence robs us of a memorable girl-fight.

Highlight: The Smallville-shaking side-effects of Clark and Lana’s seismic super-shag, complete with post-coital dislodged weathervane. Genuinely hilarious.

Influences: Black goo infecting people and invading their eyeballs is so X-Files.

Did You Spot? Lex’s projector allows us a glimpse of assorted symbols and images from the episodes “Rosetta”, “Hidden”, “Covenant” and “Vessel”.

WTF? Lois suffers serious damage after being hurled through a window in Metropolis, yet we next see her looking scratch-free in a Smallville hospital. Improbable even by the show’s ludicrous recovery rate.

Hmmmm: Who exactly is Gabriel answering to just before he deletes his hard-drive? Lex? Lionel? Lana? Darkseid, ruler of the planet Apokalips?!

Best Line
Lois (to leather-clad Lana): "Was there a Joan Jett audition no one told me about?"

Nick Setchfield

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