SmackDown! The inside story

Wednesday 24 May 2006
In part two of our exclusive interview, SmackDown! developer Yuke's talks PS3 controllers, keeping up with roster changes, elusive legends and Wii. To read the first part of the interview, click here.

Sony recently announced its new PS3 controller will have a motion sensor. Can you see a way of using that in a future SmackDown! game?
Taka Chihaya (Yokohama studio senior director, Yuke's): Well, I only touched one for the first time at E3 so I haven't had much time to think about it.

One thing I did notice after playing WarHawk and getting used to using the controller, though, was that I went over to play Gran Turismo HD [which doesn't use the motion sensor] and I thought, "This is boring!" So yeah, I think it's one of those things that, after they get used to it, people will probably expect certain amounts of input from, so we'll be thinking about how we can use that in the game

Above: Like many PS3 developers, Yuke's only heard about the motion-sensing PS3 controller for the first time at E3