Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition story missions guide

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All Story Missions Walkthrough 

As the game starts, you’ll have to follow Naz as you both run away from the police that are chasing you. Once the introduction is over, you will then be able to start on the 30 missions that tell the story of Sleeping Dogs. All of the story missions are marked with a green shield on the map. If you reach a point where there's no green shield on your map, go to your apartment and go to sleep for the next one to appear.

Vendor Extortion

When the mission starts follow Jackie and listen to him go on about the old days and how there was a rat in the gang. Once you enter the building, a few waves of enemies will attack, showing you how to use your attacks and grapples. Once you take out all of the enemies, you will finally meet Winston and he will ask you to do a job for him. When you walk outside, Conroy and his pals will put you through a test and you’ll have to survive their hits for 30 seconds. Simply dodge and counter the attacks until the next scene plays. When you arrive at the Night Market, you will then need to visit a few vendors to get extortion money from them. First visit the electronics vendor, then the watch vendor where you will need to put a guy into the phone booth there. Next up is the produce vendor where you will have to fight a wave of enemies. After they are beat, go over to the butcher and you’ll have to fight the few enemies there to protect him. Once you are done, you will need to go to the clothing vendor to buy yourself some new duds and then head back to Winston’s.

Night Market Chase

Talk to Kwan about Ming’s whereabouts and then you will need to chase him through the market. The chase will stop a few times to take out groups of enemies and then will continue on again. Once you finally confront Ming on the rooftop, take out his goons and then focus on Ming. Give him a couple shots in the head to finish him off and complete the mission.

Stick up and Delivery 

Drive to the south section of North Point and talk to Jackie. He will tell you that you need to drive the van to the warehouse carefully to pick up the goods. When you arrive at the waypoint, defeat the groups of enemies and then chase down the car that flees. Use the vehicle takedown manoeuvre of pressing X/Square to bash the cars and eventually catch up to the lead car. When you take it down, you will simply need to drive to the harbour on the east side of the city and claim your new fancy watch as your reward.

Mini Bus Racket

Drive over to the Golden Koi and talk to Winston. He will give you a minibus route that you will need to follow from waypoint to waypoint. Go to the first one and drop off a thug and continue to the next. Fight a group of enemies there and then make your way to the third stop. When you arrive, chase down the rival bus and stay close to it while honking to fill the harassment meter. Once it fills you will take its passengers and need to drop them off at the Night Market. As you proceed there, some enemies will show up. Take out their cars and then continue to the market while keeping the Passenger satisfaction meter filled. Once you reach the market, the mission will be complete.


Choose the mission and then take a couple steps out of your apartment to find her just outside. Talk to her and you will then offer to give her a ride to the Temple Academy. Grab your bike and your first stop will be Club Bam Bam. When you stop there, you will offer some wisdom and then be on your way to the temple. When you arrive at the temple, you will have another little chat and then finally take her to the school. When you enter, you will have a chat with your former teacher, Sifu, and he will have you beat up some of his students in front of your new girlfriend. Once that is over, he will tell you about his lost collection of jade statues and it seems like a reasonable quest to go on throughout the course of the game. Once you leave, you will have Amanda’s number and the mission will end.

Club Bam Bam

Head to the Golden Koi to talk to Winston and he will tell you about Benny at the club. Make your way there and talk to the bouncer when you arrive. Persuade him to let you in and then go to the VIP room in the corner. The bouncer there will tell you that you need a hostess to enter. Find one near the dance floor and then enter past the bouncer. When you enter, approach the karaoke machine and play the song by moving the arrow up and down to match the blue lines. Once you are finished, head up the stairs to find Benny. You will then get attacked by a bunch of goons. Take them out and then head back down stairs to fight another group. Once they are down, enter the washroom to fight another batch. Finally, when they are all down, have a chat with Benny and the mission will end.

Listening In

Go to Ping’s music store and grab the bag from Not Ping. When you step outside, you’ll have to chase down the thief who steals it. After the footrace, knock him senseless and then make your way to the Golden Koi restaurant and then you’ll need to do some climbing along the scaffolding to the right of it. Climb your way up and around and when you reach the skylight, a short scene will play. Open it and drop down and you will now have two and a half minutes to plant the bug and get out. Go to the vent in the corner and use the left stick to unscrew the screws. Place the bug and then use the left and right stick to calibrate the bug. Move them until the circles turn bright green and the bars at the top fill. Once you have done that, screw the screws back in and go to the door. Pick the lock by raising the pins with the right stick and moving from pin to pin with the left. When all pins are green, exit the restaurant and the mission will end.

Chain of Evidence

Make your way to Club Bam Bam and when you arrive Tiffany will tell you the trouble she’s in. It’s nothing much, so leave and give Raymond a call. Meet him under the bridge at the marker and you will have to follow the instructions given. Basically it’s just shoot this and that and use cover. At the end of it, you’ll need to evade the cops that arrive to finish the mission.


Go to Club Bam Bam to start the mission and have a chat with Winston. Once it is done, you will be back outside and ready to roll to the warehouse. Hop in the SUV and follow the lead car to the destination. Once there, enter the building and take out the few groups of enemies. Once you get in further, a pistol packing enemy will appear. Vault to take him out and take his gun. Clear the next few rooms of enemies and then head up the stairs to the office to find Siu Wah. When he runs, chase him through the warehouse until you catch up to him at the furnace. Grapple him and then sprint with him to get out of the building quicker. Run past the enemies that show up and just head for the entrance. When you get outside, another scene will play and you will then have to chase him on a police bike. Get close and the hijack the car he is in. Once you are in his car, simply lose the cops and then drive to the bus station for another brief cutscene and the end of the mission.

Uncle Po

Make your way to Club Bam Bam and Winston will want to drive you to Uncle Po’s place. Make your way to the waypoint while listening to Winston’s deathly foreboding. Once there you will talk to Uncle Po and he will tell you that you can now take jobs from Roland Ho. After the scene, exit and enter the car across the street. Drive to the impound lot and have a chat with Roland and listen to his words of wisdom. After he hands to a machine gun, you’ll need to go track down Patsy Wing. Follow the waypoint until you see her and her back up. Follow them and take out the enemy cars with ramming or by shooting the tires and/or driver. Once you catch up to Patsy, hijack the car. When she flees, drive back to the impound lot to complete the mission.

Bride to Be

Head over to the Golden Koi and speak to Winston’s mother. She will ask that you take Peggy--Winston’s bride--to make some last minute arrangements. Drive to the waypoint and you will arrive at the dress shop. Grab the jade tiger in here if you haven’t already and Peggy will talk about a black orchid. Next up, you’ll need to head to the cake shop but along the way Winston will text message that someone is stealing the cake. Seriously. STEALING THE CAKE. You’ll have three and a half minutes to reach the cake shop and when you do, you’ll need to chase down and hijack the van. Once you have it, drive the van to the bus depot and meet Peggy there. Once you are back in your car, you will then need to go to the temple to steal the black orchid. When you arrive at the temple, hop up the green scaffolding and enter the door at the top. Now you will be in robes and will need to approach the other monks and press Y/Triangle to persuade them. Continue through the temple area and atop the far stairs, you can enter a room with candles to find the jade dragon statue. Continue to the right of the area and follow the stairs around to find the orchids. Once you pick them, the monks will attack. Simply run past them if you want to and exit the temple by hoping over the wall. Once you return to the car, simply out run the police and the mission ends.

The Wedding

When you arrive at the mission marker, you will need to enter Aspirazone to pick up your tux. Once you are all dapper-looking, drive to the banquet hall and watch the scene. Once it is over, hop up the green scaffolding to the right of the church entrance and enter the open window. Take out the first group of thugs and then go down the stairs. Take out the next group and enter the large door. Grab a gun from the closest enemy and then clear out the rest of the remaining enemies. After the next scene, there will be a few more enemies that enter, so take them out and grab their machine guns. Next you will need to clear out the balcony and then the ground floor, and finally the kitchen will have a hostage in it. Kill all these-minus the hostage- and go through the main door to find Uncle Po. When you find him, you will need ot run with him across the park to get to the hospital. Use sprint each time you move and be sure to use cover so that Uncle or you don’t take too many hits. Once you get to the street, a scene will play and the mission will be over.

Mrs. Chu’s Revenge

Drive to the Golden Koi and talk to Winston’s mom. Once done there, call up Ricky to get Johnny Ratface’s number. Now you will need to exit the restaurant and triangulate his location. Once you see he is by the docks, go there and you will need to fight through a few groups of enemies. Once the fist fighting is done, you will then get into a shootout with a few more groups of enemies. Finally, when you reach Johnny, he will take off in his car, leaving you to chase him on a motorcycle. There will be a couple of enemy cars that will try to take you out, but just ignore them and focus on hijacking Johnny’s car. Once you do, drive him back to the Golden Koi to end the mission.

Meet the New Boss

Head to Club Bam Bam and a short scene will play with a messenger. Once he leaves, a shootout will start in the club. Fight your way through, taking out the enemies on the top floor and then the lower bar area. Once it is clear, roll out the front entrance and kill the few enemies that are gathered out there. Once they go down, a few cars will show up with some more enemies. To clear them out fast, blow up the cars before the enemies have a chance to get out. Next up, you will need to shoot the approaching cars while Jackie drives after Ponytail. Aim for the tires to take out the swarm of cars and bikes the quickest and eventually you will be on a footrace with ponytail. After some parkour, you will get to throw down with him. Simply fight him like any other enemy and when he goes down, another scene will play and you’ll have to run from the cops this time. Head through the red doorway and through the hall to come to a limo. Hop in it and you will meet Broken Nose Jaing. Once the scene with her is done, the mission will be over.

Loose Ends

After the intro scene with Jackie, drive his bike over to Top Glamour Imports. Once there, talk to Naz and then chase after him. Hop over the fence by using the ramp when you reach it and then shoot the giant red tank that you are instructed to. When it blows up, you will have Naz in your grasp. Walk to the closest car and toss him in the trunk and then get the heck out of dodge. Drive tot eh street and then you will need to lose the 18K following you. It can get dicey as they continually fire at you, but once you are far enough away from them, you will need to take Naz to the undercover HQ to end the mission.

Final Kill

Drive to the Golden Koi and talk to Mrs. Chu and she will want you to grab Dogeyes and bring him to her. Make your way down to the waypoint and follow the dirt path to the boat house. Once you enter, you will now be in a boat chase. Keep on Dogeyes until you reach the shore and hop in the car. Now follow Dogeyes to the docks and chase him through the fish plant. Through here you will have to fight a few groups on enemies, but nothing too tough. Finally when you reach the processing room, you will have to square off against Dogeyes himself. Take him down and once he is beaten, drag him out to the parking lot. Put him in the trunk of Duke’s car and make your way back to the Golden Koi. Along the way, a ton of 18K enemies will show up on bikes and in cars. Pop all the tires you can and when you finally make it to the restaurant, a rather disturbing scene will play.


Drive to the hospital and watch the scene as the gang heads have a talk. After the scene, head to the massage parlour to talk to Jackie. Once you are down, you can either to choose to get a massage or not. Either way, hop back in the car and drive to the galleria to take out a drug dealer named Yung who has been dealing to kids. When you reach the galleria, enter and take out the group of enemies that attack. Once they are down, take on Yung and put him on the ground. Next, drive your way to the initiation and after one more scene, the mission will end.

Dockyard Heist

After you wake up, call Jackie and go pick him up. Ride with him to Kennedy Town and head for the shipment yard. Sneak in with Jackie and make your way to the far side. Talk to the guards along the way to get some extra persuasion points and then pick the door when you reach it. Grab the cutting tool off the desk and then head for the next waypoint to meet Jackie. Take out the group of 18k there and then cut open a truck. Repeat for all the trucks and then you’ll have to chase it down as it takes off. Hijack it when you reach it and then get Jackie out. Simply drive to the waypoint from here to end the mission.

Intensive Care

Call Ricky to meet him and then drive to the waypoint. When you reach it, he will call and you will have a minute and a half to meet him at the hospital. Once you arrive, take out the 18kinn the lobby and fight your way to the elevator. Continue down the hall and enter Po’s room. Now you will need to turn the power back on and have two and a half minutes to do it. Go to the end of the corridor and fight through the swarm of enemies to reach the room with the power controls. Hack the computer and then leave and you will have to fight a few more waves of enemies. Once they are all down, leave with Ricky and lose the cops that follow you. Finally, after you have lost them, the mission will end.

Important Visitor

Make your way to the waypoint near the wedding shop and meet up with Sonny Wo and King. After the scene, drive King to the K-bar and then take a trip around the bar to each of the women highlighted. Afterwards, return to King in the VIP room and sing a karaoke song. Once you have completed that, take a picture of King and the girls and then it will be time to leave the club. When you are outside, deal with the group of thugs and then drop King off at his hotel to end the mission.

Fast Girls

After the scene with Ricky and Sonny, head back outside and get in Ricky’s car to go pick up Vivienne. Pick up Sandra and Vivienne and they will ask you to go meet at a car race. Do so and then you will need to win the race that is a pretty long stretch across the freeways. Once you win the race, the police will show up and you’ll have to lose them. Once you do, return the girls to Sandra’s condo to end the mission.

Bad Luck

After the chat with Jaing, you will then need to get in the crab car and make your way to Two Chins place which is oddly enough the same as Sandra’s. Use the intercom at the front door and then go up the stairs and through the door. Make your way to the road and follow it to the right and enter the small area on the right side of the road. Talk to the guard there and then proceed tot eh gate. Salty will wait there while you go around to the right some more and talk to another guard and then climb the cliff. Once on the other side, open the gate for Salty and then enter the house. Arrange the furniture as needed and grab the jaded statue from the locked door in the centre of the house. Exit after the security guard starts peering in and then use the code 2038 on the security camera. Once it is hacked, hop in the security car and drive back down to the street and let Salty take off in his car to end the mission.

Conflicting Loyalties

Talk to Sonny and then go to the apartment and start to plant the bugs, hack the computer with the code 2413, and plant the camera. Once you do, the tenants will return home and you will need to hide behind the wall as they talk. Sneak downstairs to the computer and grab the USB drive and then hop over the balcony to escape. Leave the area and you will now need to meet with Pendrew. Talk to him and then go back to your apartment. Once the scene there is over, meet up with Pendrew again for another long scene and to end the mission.

The Funeral

As the mission starts, drive to the police station to pick up Jackie. Now you’ll need to head to Aspirazone to get you some new clothes for the funeral. Once you are looking prim and proper, go to the Hong Kong cemetery. Once you arrive, a scene will play with the 18K and Pendrew. Once the scene is over, there will be a large fire fight as you make your way to the bottom of the cemetery. Use cover as much as possible and vault over objects while firing to take out enemies easier. Once you reach the bottom, another scene will play and the mission will end.

Civil Discord

To begin, drive to North Point to meet with Calvin. Once there, you will then need to defeat a buttload of triads, which is made a million times easier by using the car there to run them all over. Get the gun afterwards, and then drive to golden Koi in 20 seconds, shoot out in the street and the 30 seconds to get in the restaurant. Kill more enemies that show up and then clear out back alley. Once all the triads that show up at both ends of the alley are down, you’ll need to head to the roof and meet Conroy and get the grenade launcher. Once you have it, use it to clear out the Triads on the ground and hold on for a minute and twenty seconds to save your allies. If you run out of grenades, there is a yellow case beside you that will refill them. Once you have survived long enough, you will then need to lose the cops that are chasing you. Once they are off your tail, drive to Vivienne’s to talk to Ricky and end the mission.

Buried Alive

Drive to the way point marker and talk to Raymond. After the call, drive to meet Jackie and head down the alley and fight he swarms of 18k. Defeat Horseface and then interrogate him on the nearby table saw. Once done there, go to the alley and phone Zi Wai and triangulate the signal. Drive to the waypoint and then you will need to chase Zi along the freeway. Once you get close, start a foot race and then fight him and a gang of enemies. Once he is down, call Salty for a boat and meet him at the docks. Hop in the boat when you arrive and then and kill the enemies swarm of boats that come after you. Once they are all finally down, go to Magazine Island and dig up Jackie. Once he is up and the scene is over, drive him back to Aberdeen Dock to end the mission.

The Election

After you go to sleep, wake up and Jackie will ask to meet you. Drive to the waypoint and watch the gruesome scene. Next up, watch another particular gruesome scene and then wiggle the left stick to escape. Once up, go through the door and take out the guard. Enter the next room and stuff the guards face in the toilet. Once that excitement is over, continue on escaping. After hopping over some scaffolding and railings, it’ll be one large fight after another. After the initial groups are down, a gun toting enemy will come outside. Vault over him to take him down and then enter the next door. Inside there will be many Triads with guns, so use cover as usual and fight your way through, this area and the next with the swimming pools. Once through there, you will enter a sauna with two enforcers. Defeat them and then finally Mr. Tong will show up with a big knife. Take him down with some well-placed shots to the face and a counter to finish him off to end the mission.

Big Smile Lee

Drive to Kennedy Pier and go through the gate to enter the parking lot full of Lee’s thugs. Hop in a car there and run them all down to make things easier. Once they are all dead, hop up on the dumpster and cross the rooftop. Sneak up on the guard you come across and take his weapon. Now continue forward and hop down as the alarm sounds and more enemies rush out. Clear them out and head up the stairs at the far end. When you enter the office there, shoot out the window and jump through to land in the parking lot far below. Take out the gang of enemies here, shooting the gas tanks to make things easier. Proceed forward and to the left to come to the restaurant entrance. Cross the bridge and try to avoid shooting the innocent customers as they run out. After the short scene, clear out the restaurant of enemies and kill Mr. Ponytail. Once they are all cleared, go through the door on the right and another scene will play. Once it is over, chase Lee across the pier and when you reach the end, jump onto the boat. Another scene will play and then you will need to fight Lee. Simply counter his punches until he drops and then grab him and punch him in the face a few times. After that, toss him into the ice chipper and the mission will end.

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