"Skyrim with pixel art" blows past its Kickstarter goal, clearing the way for a 2023 launch

World of Anterra
(Image credit: 81monkeys)

World of Anterra, a Skyrim-inspired indie set in an absolutely lovely pixel-art world, has reached its Kickstarter funding goal and is set to launch in 2023. In celebration of the big milestone, the developers have released a new trailer.

In case you missed our initial story on World of Anterra, the developers describe it as "Skyrim with pixel art," and while that's certainly a fair description, it also somehow sells the concept short. While the game seems to share a lot of features with Skyrim and other open world RPGs - the vast, diverse landscapes, the epic, non-linear story, fishing, cooking, etc. - it's also promising a lot of fresh, rather ambitious ideas. The streamlined grid-based combat system and minimalist UI, for example, show that the developers at 81monkeys aren't just tracing lines from a blueprint here.

Although World of Anterra has reached its funding goal and seems on track for a 2023 launch, the Kickstarter page is still the place to be if you want to learn more about this enchantingly ambitious indie game. There you'll find a comprehensive overview of its world, story, combat, gameplay features, dialogue, interface, and more.

There's also a new trailer out, but it sounds like it was thrown together pretty quickly to be released in time with today's news. Basically, it's just a silly rundown of "features" like "pixels, walking, shadows, and music," but it does do a good job showing off the game's wonderful art and music.

Barring any potential delays, World of Anterra is due to launch in 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and GOG.

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