Skyrim runs at 60FPS on PS5 thanks to this mod

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Skyrim players on PS5 can finally boost Bethesda's game up to 60 frames per second on Sony's next-gen console, while still obtaining Trophies.

You can see the Skyrim mod in action for the PS5 just below, courtesy of mod author Wrighton (and first reported by Eurogamer). While the mod can also be downloaded for the PS4 version of Bethesda's game, PSN Trophies can still function while using the mod, thanks to a special trick.

Firstly, head to Skyrim's in-game mod menu, and find the 60FPS mod depicted in the video just above. Next, you want to boot up a current or new game of Skyrim, then head back to the game's main menu. After this, delete the mod itself, and the game will still run at 60FPS on PS5.

It's a relief that enabling and then deleting the mod still lets Skyrim run at 60FPS, if a little odd. Remember that installing mods with Skyrim on consoles disables Achievements/Trophies from being earned, so you'll want to make sure any additional mods are also deleted if you're after that Platinum Trophy.

Back in December, a report emerged analyzing the performance of 60FPS mods on next-gen consoles for Skyrim. The report found that while the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions of Skyrim could run at 60FPS thanks to a mod, there was no such mod available at the time for the PS5 version. Thankfully though, that's all changed now, so PS5 players can get up to par with their Xbox counterparts for some sublime action.

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