Skate 4 will skip EA Play this week, but a reveal is coming today

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Skate 4 won't be at EA Play this week, but the dev team is teasing a reveal for later today.

Just yesterday on July 18, the development team behind Skate 4 tweeted out the statement through the official Skate Twitter account that you can see below. In short, the statement says that while the development team has been incredibly busy over the chaotic last year, they won't have anything to show for the game at EA Play later this week on Thursday, July 22.

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However, the statement from the development team at EA does say that the developers will be revealing something about the game later today on July 19. Right now, there's no sign of whatever information it is that the development team is teasing, and in fact, we have absolutely no idea what the developers could be revealing about the game later today.

Skate 4, a revival of the beloved series from EA, was first announced last year by EA. A brand new studio called Full Circle was established in Vancouver to develop the new game, and is still being led by former Xbox Live boss Daniel McCullough, who also recruited two former Skate veteran developers in Deran Chung and Cuz Parry to help work on the revival. We might be a fair way off from seeing anything from the project, but it's a relief to know it's in active development nonetheless.

EA Play, for that matter, takes place later this week on July 22. At the event, we can expect the reveal of the next hero to grace Apex Legends from developer Respawn Entertainment, as well as new gameplay information surrounding Battlefield 2042, and a reveal surrounding the upcoming Madden 22. If you're a fan of EA's live-service shooters in particular, then this is one showcase to keep an eye on.

However, as EA has stated previously, Dragon Age 4, Mass Effect 5, Respawn's rumored Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, and now Skate 4 won't be at the event this week. That's a pretty lengthy list of heavy-hitting games that are going to be entirely absent from EA's upcoming showcase, and we're sure there are legions of fans left disappointed by the Dragon Age 4 no-show in particular.

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