Silk #4 reveals the whole truth about Silvermane & Saya Ishii's connection

Silk #4
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Cindy Moon is starting a new chapter in her life with the current Silk limited series, and she's already got her first big win - although there's a catch.

Cindy got a prized position as a reporter for J. Jonah Jameson's news outlet Threats & Menaces and is in the midst of what could potentially be her first big story. Things are going well, and in June 23's Silk #4 she'll secure an exclusive with the key person behind it all. Great, right? The problem is, it's the mobster supervillain Silvermane. Good thing Cindy is also the Spider-hero Silk.

Check out this preview of Silk #4 by writer Maurene Goo and artist Takeshi Miyazawa:

"Interview with an evil cyborg! Silk learns the truth about Saya Ishii from a chat with Silvermane! But he's not about to let her live to tell the tale..." reads Marvel's description of Silk #4. "Meanwhile, Saya goes toe-to-claw with the cat demon, Kasha!"

So what's this "truth about Saya" that Cindy learns from Silvermane? It's something readers of this limited series learned in the first issue: he is Saya Ishii's father. 

Saya Ishii is the CEO of the tech company Fujinet, and Silvermane reveals that he had a romantic and business relationship with her mother, Fujinet founder Matsuko Ishii, back in the day as they say.

While all this is happening, Saya is dealing with a rogue employee - the cat-like demon Kasha, who is disobeying orders and summoning some sort of demon god without Saya knowing.

Silk #4's main cover is drawn by Pyeong Jun Park, and there are also two variants - one by Jenny Frisson, and a Spider-Man VIllains variant by Betsy Cola. Take a look at those:

Looking ahead, Silk #5 promises a fight between Silk and Kasha (and possibly this god) that will require some help from a surprising place.

"It all comes down to this!!! Silk has one chance to stop Kasha from unleashing an ancient demon god!" Marvel says. "She'll have to join forces with an unlikely ally to do it. And some shocking revelations turn Silk's world upside-down!"

We're not sure what more "shocking revelations" could be coming, but the "unlikely ally" could be Silvermane, seeing as how he's Saya's father.

Silk #4 (of 5) goes on sale on June 23, and a collected edition titled Silk Vol. 1: Threats and Menaces is already scheduled for November 9.

Silk fans rejoice! Sony Pictures is reportedly working on a live-action Silk TV series. 

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