Silent Hunter 4: U-Boat Missions - first screens

Nov 19, 2007

A new expansion pack for Ubisoft's submarine sim Silent Hunter 4 is in the pipeline, and we've got the first screenshots.

The expansion pack iscalled U-Boat Missions, and introduces "strategic support," as a gameplay element. Want to know what that is? Readthelengthy explanation below, provided by the nifty FAQ included with thenew screens.

Explain what you mean by "strategic support" in Silent Hunter?

With the arrival of the German campaign in U-Boat Missions, players gain control over additional strategic resources other than their own submarines. These resources can be used towards the goal of sinking enemy shipping by either helping the player locate enemies - i.e. the scout planes - or by directly attacking them.

Are there any new features connected to this strategic support system?

The most important feature is that the units controlled by the strategic gameplay now report contacts and combat the enemy even when away from the player's location.

This is a great tool in attacking enemy ships, but on the other hand the player has to exercise caution and be careful not to cause the indirect loss of said units. In other words, do not direct your Armed Merchant Cruisers to intercept enemy battleship groups, if you care for the lives of those brave sailors, that is.