Silent Hill film director shares an insight into the "several" games in development

Silent Hill 2
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The director behind the Silent Hill film from 2006 has revealed a few more tidbits about the multiple Silent Hill projects currently in development.

Speaking with French outlet MaG, Christophe Gans - who directed the first and soon another Silent Hill film - once again gave fans an insight into the Silent Hill multimedia universe reportedly currently in development with Konami.

As translated by a very helpful Resetera user, Gans reportedly said that there are "several" Silent Hill games in development "as we speak." According to Gans: "There are several teams on [the games]" which will eventually go on to "revive the franchise." As mentioned in a previous interview, Gans claims that Konami was inspired by Capcom's success with the Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 4 remakes and so want to give Silent Hill another chance to shine. 

In the same interview, Gans got a bit more cryptic when asked who is developing the games rumored to be in development. Gans said: "It's Konami, there are several games." When the subject of The Medium and Blair Witch developer Bloober Team came up, the Director simply said: "Yes" before revealing that "there are several teams" working on these games. Which, considering Bloober did enter a "strategic partnership" with Konami last year, isn't too much of a surprise to hear. 

Talk of some kind of Silent Hill revival has been floating around for what feels like forever now. We did get one of the biggest hints yet just the other day though when a new Silent Hill game was rated in Korea. The game is reportedly called 'Silent Hill: The Short Message' but other than that, not much else is known about the project. We'll just have to wait and see what Konami, and Gans, have up their sleeves for now. 

Speaking of potential developers, Bloober Team is capable of a good Silent Hill 2 remake – but do we need one?

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