Silent Hill dev wishes he "hadn't designed f**kin Pyramid Head," won't say why

Silent Hill 2
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The Silent Hill developer responsible for creating the utterly nightmare-inducing Pyramid Head says he regrets creating the monster but, rather ominously, won't reveal the reason.

Masahiro Ito, who was art director on Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, recently took to Twitter to passionately express his regret for bringing Pyramid Head to life. "I wish I hadn't designed fxxkin Pyramid Head," Ito wrote. It's slightly concerning that Ito also refuses to explain why he wishes he hadn't created Pyramid Head. "I don't tweet the reason," he followed up.

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While Ito isn't spilling his reasons right now, he has ruled out one possibility. In another follow-up tweet, Ito confirms that the reason he regrets Pyramid Head isn't that he "can't get paid for the statues," as apparently he's "never gotten paid for those in the first place."

Of course, if you've ever struggled to get to sleep at night because you were thinking about Pyramid Head, you can only imagine what sort of horrors are lurking around the mind of the person who creates this stuff. The reason Ito regrets creating Pyramid Head could be as simple as wanting to forget an unpleasant mental image but not being able to because of its ubiquity in pop culture, which is actually a pretty haunting thought now that it's written out.

The Silent Hill rumor mill has been churning at full strength for years now, but so far nothing official has surfaced from Konami, Kojima, or any video game developer or publisher involved with the series. Most recently, VGC reported that Konami is set to revive the series, but it's best to take any rumor or report with a healthy dose of salt at this point.

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