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Silent Hill 4: The Room - nasty shots of an ugly place

ON: PS2, Xbox, PC - OUT: September

THE PITCH: It's all gone brown and grainy in the latest survival-horror excursion to unmentionable dimensions via Silent Hill 4: The Room. While fronted as the ultimate scary experience (sorry, Doom 3 owns that one that), there's no doubting the creepy, disturbing nature of the series. In the game you will travel between the real world of main man Henry Townesend and an haunted alternative world. When in the real world, the game is viewed from the new first-person perspective. The alternative reality is strictly third-person. It's an interesting idea to keep the worlds distinct by viewpoint alone and it will be interesting to see what Konami do with it. Hopefully, it's not just to flag-up the reality you're in.


  • A new first-person perspective when in the real world.
  • You travel between real and haunted worlds.
  • Aimed to spontaneously provoke pant-changes.
  • THE BUZZ: Silent Hill has never quite won the gaming world over en masse. Possibly, in today's world of quick-thrills gaming, its psychologically-bent paced approach doesn't appeal across the board. Personally, we feel it takes all kinds and you never know which one will actually turn out to be the diamond in the rough...