Sign up to save Manhunt 2

Tuesday 27 June 2007
Before it wasbanned, Manhunt 2 was one of the most exciting titles to feature on the PS2, PSP and Wii release schedules. Now, after receiving a right royal battering by the 'we know best' boots of the censors, no one - and that means no one - will ever be able to play it. And we think that's a real bummer. Could we - as gamers - ever get it un-banned? Well, there might just be a way...

Strewn around the internet are numerous petitions all fighting for a common cause - to save Manhunt 2 from an unreleased death, never to emerge from the shadows of its development dungeon. If you're mighty irked that even as adults there are still Powers that decide what videogames you can or can't play, or if you're just a bit miffed that in the current situation you'll never get to sample Manhunt 2, then take your pick from one of the online petitions below and sign your name. Hell, if you feel the urge, sign them all, organise a march and chain yourself to Jack Thompson. It's all for the good of the cause.

Restrict the powers of the BBFC with regard to the banning of videogames

Stop the BBFC ban on Manhunt 2

Save Manhunt 2

Save Manhunt 2 petition

A Free America Against Censorship of Manhunt 2