Sideways is sexy

Admit it: you have no idea how to drift race. You may have unlocked every car in every Gran Turismo or Need for Speed game ever, but that's not drifting. You're aware that it's a hip, hot new way to race, and you've seen the incredibly tricked-out "whips" that these maniacs drive - maybe you even know that drifting originated in Japan, and that it involves power-sliding the hell out of everything and looking as good as you humanly can as you do it. But you don't really know how to drift race.

And trust us - have you seen the babes who are into drifting? You want to know how to do it. You really, really do.

Which is where we come in. All this week, exclusively and thanks to Namco Bandai, GamesRadar will havea series of how-to videos, custom-created and narrated by Japan's most legendary drift racing expert. If he can't make you into a tires-squealing, import-tuned, babe-captivating drift demon, nobody on Earth can.

Day One is just a teaser video; a quick taste of what you're going to get.Then,on Wednesday and Friday of this week, we'll have specific teachings on how to executethe kind ofjaw-dropping drifts that will have the crowd begging to ride shotgun.

So read on:or die wondering just how much more sexy you could have been.

(For those who can't make outDaijiro's accent,the full script for the instructional videos will appearon the next pagesin this article.)

Day One: Drifting 101

Day Two:Power Over &Clutch Kick

Day Three:Braking Drift,Accel-Off Drift, &Feint Drift