Sid Meier's Pirates! in PSP drydock

Developer Firaxis Games announced today that Sid Meier's Pirates! will be setting sail on the PSP early next year. As the modern version of this time-tested classic heads for uncharted handheld waters, players can look forward to traversing the 17th century Caribbean while waiting for the 21st century bus.

The game functions as a series of simple yet pleasing minigames, including sailing, dueling, sneaking into hostile towns, and dancing with the daughters of colonial governors. This format allows for innumerable ways to build your pirating career, and should translate well to the handheld. Ifthe azure seas and verdant island foliage are as brilliant on the PSP as on previous platforms, this game will really be worth pillaging - er, purchasing with legal currency.Hit the Images tab above to get a look at some early screens.