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Shutter Island remains untouchable

Despite competition from caterwauling loons ( The Crazies ) and Bruce Willis shooting off ( Cop Out , below), Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island held firm at this weekend’s box office.

Snapping up a further $22m, Island outdid both Cop Out ’s $18m and Crazies’ $16m, clinging to first place for its second weekend in a row.

Last week Scorsese’s latest set records for both the director and his star (DiCaprio), giving them both their biggest opening ever (yes, even bigger than Titanic ).

Which is great news for both, even if their flick was unceremoniously ignored by the Academy at this year’s Oscars. Sad days for Kevin Smith and Cop Out , though – it’s been universally panned. Best stick to scripts you’ve written yourself, eh Kev?

Meanwhile, Avatar just refuses to budge from the top five, spearing fourth place and pocketing another $14m. Cameron’s blue-hued opus has now taken a whopping $706m Stateside. Sneaking in just behind it was Percy Jackson with a still-not-very-impressive $9.8m.

American audiences were still feeling the love weeks after V-Day, as Garry Marshall’s Valentine’s Day took sixth place with $9.5m, and Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum love-in Dear John pitched its tent at seventh with $5m. (The latter has now made $72m domestically – about the same as Percy Jackson . Fox can’t be very pleased.)

The rest of the top ten looked like this: Benicio Del Toro howled at the moon in eighth place with The Wolfman , which pocketed an anaemic $4.1m, Dwayne Johnson’s Tooth Fairy snapped up $3.4m (that’s probably less than Madge leaves under her kids’ pillows when they lose a tooth) and Oscar contender Crazy Heart took tenth with $2.5m.

Next week Alice In Wonderland is rolled out worldwide. Should be interesting to see what it does to the box office...

Will Alice topple Shutter next weekend? Place your bets...