Shogun: Total War Cheats

Shogun: Total War Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Fort

    Lots of Money

    You know how you can only use money cheat once? Type in add_money 10000000. You should be able to use this cheat lots of times.

  • PC | Submitted by ananymus

    Cheat Codes

    Various In Game Cheats
    Type these in during play
    Show Map - .daggins
    Show Map - .matteosartori
    Infinite KoKu - .muchkoku.
    Construction ability removed, - KoKu - .conan.
    Unlimited Army Life .prototypearmy.
    Copper in all Provinces - .ifoundsomecu.

Shogun: Total War Hints

  • PC | Submitted by ananymus

    The perferct army

    This is my Idea of the perfect army.I have played with this army probably a thousand times and never lost to an expert AI.
    4xSamurai Archers
    6xWarrior Monks
    1xYari Ashigaru
    2xHeavy Cavalry
    1xCavalry Archers

  • PC | Submitted by Jesse Otnorot

    Super Army

    In Shogun warlord edition build a legendary sword dojo and legendary palace, Amoury, Sword Smith and a drill dojo. With the Sword Dojo Train Kensai. They almost invincible warriors. There is only one to a unit. Put them in a army by themselves. It will take a long time but it is worth it. Once you have a army of them use them for battle. You must control them yourselves until the general have some honor. All you need to do is just charge the enemy and they will do the rest. After the general has honor you can automatically resolve the conflict. 16 of the kensai can take on 2000 troops on their own and suffer no casualties.