Shave like a Japanese gangster with this Yakuza-branded razor

How does Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series maintain a clean shave and those dreamy sideburns while kicking ass and killing the undead? Obviously it's one of the most important questions the series have ever posed. Now, with the Kai5 razor set, we have an answer. Kiryu will use the razor in the upcoming game, and just to make sure the marketing opportunity crystal clear, he will also grace the cover of the actual razor in real life. The package includes a razor, stand, and a cell phone strap obviously what to do with your phone is a real issue while shaving.

Sega tends to go crazy with product tie-ins each time a Yakuza game is released so this isn't a surprise to anyone. In the past we've sampled some Yakuza 2 sake at the famous 16-shots bar, and last year's Yakuza: Black Panther for the PSP received its own liquor as well. This is a change at least in that it's not booze related. Drunk shaving isn't anything we'd recommend to anyone. All this cross-promotions work both ways, of course. The Yakzua games (including the upcoming Yakuza 4) feature real life business, some of them in their real life locations, as well as food, brands, music and plenty more. There's cross promoting marketing all over the place.


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