The winners of these were selected by the SFX team:

Hope For The Future – Steven Moffat

He’s already proven himself time and time again with several of our favourite New Who episodes to date: two parter Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead, The Girl In The Fireplace and Blink being shining examples of the show at its best. So we couldn’t think of anyone better suited to take over the reigns from Russell T Davies when the new season of Doctor Who hits screens later this year. Steven, our future is in your hands.

Breakout of the Year – Being Human

In a year when so many brilliant new shows made their debut none of them had quite the same impact as Toby Whithouse’s little BBC 3 show that could, the ghost/werewolf/vampire flatshare comedy drama that’s blossomed from cult favourite to mainstream hit. Perfectly cast with six stellar scripts and enough wit and invention to put the rest of the TV schedule to shame it won our hearts barely minutes in. If only all shows could be this good the world would be a happier place.

Lifetime Contribution – Gerry Anderson
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Single-handedly responsible for more fond childhood memories on the SFX team than any other writer of the 20th century, marionation maestro Gerry Anderson might be best known for Thunderbirds but who can forget Stingray, Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlett, Terrahawks or UFO? Children’s television hasn’t been quite the same since his creations faded from the screen, we even loved 2005’s CGI New Captain Scarlet.

Cult Hero – Ianto Jones

Even the grave couldn’t stop Torchwood’s Ianto Jones, Gareth David-Lloyd, guaranteeing his place in the SFX cult hero hall of fame. Graduating from a glorified tea lady in season one to fully fledged action-hero sidekick by “Children Of Earth” wasn’t half as surprising as the outcry which met his untimely death at the hands of The 456. We’re still receiving emails about it to this day and folk even left flowers in Cardiff Bay to mourn his passing. If that isn’t the sign of a cult hero we don’t know what is.

Sci-Fi Phenomenon – True Blood

Coming out of nowhere to take the UK by storm off the back of an incredibly successful run on US network HBO, True Blood was the sci-fi phenomenon of the year. Demanding the attention of a mainstream audience like nothing since Lost or The X-Files, True Blood’s heady mix of deep south eroticism, wild plot twists and of course vampires (so hot right now, which is ironic for a cold-blooded creature, don’t you think?) proved an irresistible antidote to Twilight’s teen angst trappings. The best news is it gets even better in season two.

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