SFX Boldly Goes Where No Mag Has Gone Before

In space, no one can hear you scream, but now you can enjoy SFX magazine out there! Issue 170 (on sale in Earth stores on Wednesday 7 May) is making history, by becoming the first mag available beyond the final frontier.

SFX is teaming up with SentForever to become the world’s first magazine to be sent into space each month, at an incredible 671 million miles an hour! SentForever is a new service which converts your personal messages into radio waves and transmits them into deep space and beyond the stars for eternity.

Created at Future’s offices in Bath, South West England, SFX will now travel further than the country’s remotest newsagents and beyond export copies available in stores around the globe.

The team at SentForever convert the magazine into radio waves and then beams it into space from one of the giant dishes at BT’s world famous Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station in Cornwall – previously responsible for transmitting unforgettable events like Live Aid around the world.

From now on, each issue of SFX will be beamed via satellite into space at phenomenal speeds. Just a few milliseconds after transmission the signal passes about 450 miles above the French Mediterranean and will pass the orbit of Pluto and leave our solar system in a fraction over 5 hours.

Joining the many messages sent each day by SentForever users, every issue of SFX will head out on a journey across space and time which lasts for an eternity. Experts predict it will take five years for the first issue of SFX to reach our nearest star.

Chris Thomason, Chief Imagineer at SentForever, says: “SFX was our first choice magazine when looking for a partner to broadcast into space. A few years ago beaming magazines into eternity may have seemed like science-fiction, but as from this issue of SFX it’s science-fact.”

The first issue of SFX beamed into space, issue 170 hits UK newsagents on Wednesday 7 May. SFX will be available FREE in other galaxies, until further notice.

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