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SFX Vampire Special

Discover why you need to stake your claim on the latest bloodcurdling SFX Special Edition

The latest SFX Collections Special Edition (on sale Thursday) is not one magazine, but two – and the theme of both is vampires!

In one magazine you’ll find everything you could ever possibly want on True Blood:
• Interviews with big names from the show – including Stephen Moyer (Bill), showrunner Alan Ball, Nelsan Ellis (Layfaette), Sam Trammel (Sam), Joe Manganiello (Alcide), Linday Pulsipher (Crystal) and many more
• A complete episode guide to all three seasons
• The first half of issue one of the fantastic IDW True Blood comic
• The results of a reader poll to find the best ever episodes
• A look at True Blood merchandise
• A Bon Temps tourist brochure
• The show’s wildest ever moments
• The best cliffhangers
• A guide to swearing on the show!



The other magazine encompasses the whole world of vampires, in TV shows, movies and more.
• The Vampire Diaries
• Being Human
• Priest
• Stakeland
Universal’s Son Of Dracula
• ’80s classic Fright Night
• How Buffy The Vampire Slayer owes everything to The Lost Boys
• Grace Jones flick Vamp
• Plus, a look at the saucy vampire films of notorious Spanish film director Jess Franco
• There’s also the return of grumpy teenage cartoon character Jack the Vlad!

If you like vampires, you’re going to LOVE this package!

You can buy it from tomorrow. Start queuing now!