SFX Presents The A-Z Of John Carter: C

Your guide to the world of John Carter , a letter a day until release

C is for Clark Kent

Or as he’s known on his home planet, Kal-El, known to our world as Superman. Superman is another character heavily influenced by the John Carter Of Mars novels. A man from another planet finds the abilities he has on his home planet are heightened and superior his new planet’s inhabitants (check out the gravity-defying leaps Carter maked in the trailer below) and like John Carter, Superman also falls in love with a native girl.

[VAMS id="594uS2P34gJze"]

The story of John Carter has influenced films we all know and love, from Star Wars to Superman . To introduce you to the world of John Carter we’ve put together a full A-Z which will run all the way through to 9 March when John Carter hits cinemas, so make sure you check SFX every day until then.

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