SFX Issue 76

Spring 2001

SFX historical notes: 176 was an awards issue, and Farscape did pretty. So we asked the Farscape cast what awards they would give each other.

The Claudia Awards

Claudia nominates the awards she’d give to her fellow Farscapers

  • “From my experience of working with these extraordinary people over the last three years, they would all get best actor… and they would get sexiest actor. But to make up awards for ’em…”
  • “I’d give Chiana best impersonation of Andy Warhol crossed with Pris from Blade Runner .”
  • “I’d give Ben Browder cutest butt in leather.”
  • “What would I give Anthony…? Good Lord. So many awards for him… Um, Um, um, he wins the ET award for extra tentacles.”
  • “As for Virginia, the billboard campaign said it all. The hottest blue chick since Smurfette.”

The Ben Awards

In which Ben Browder thinks of some awards to give his cast mates

  • “Ah, Gigi – Award for Best Make-Up Design in Cleavage…”
  • “Claudia Black for … Oh my god, Claudia’s dead sexy. Claudia Black gets the award for… [Giggles maniacally like he’s just thought of something evil] My mind keeps going in a lot of different directions on Claudia… because there’s that whole gun thing… Girl with the best weapons in space… Claudia Black, best weapons on television! Is that a double entendre there? Best weapons and use of weapons in space! Best use of weapons on television…”

The Gigi Awards

Gigi decides what awards should go to her cast mates…

  • “Ben gets the award for the American chunk of hunk… He’s the perfect all-American astronaut dude that just rocks…”
  • “I wouldn’t know where to go with Ant. Maybe I should stay away from that one. Maybe Ant is the most… Doctor Shock perhaps. The surprising one that comes up with the most crude… God I don’t know how to describe it… Have you heard Ant laugh? King of laughs!”
  • “Claudia… most rocking peacekeeper award, and best personal therapist for little grey aliens.”
  • “Zhaaan – best magical potions supplier on Moya… Heheheeee.”
Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

Dave is a TV and film journalist who specializes in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He's written books about film posters and post-apocalypses, alongside writing for SFX Magazine for many years.