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SFX Issue 57 review


November 1999

Tosh Review:

Flying Daleks

Reviewer: Guy Haley

If you don’t like flying ducks, and the flying saucers we reviewed in SFX 40 don’t appeal, then you may yet be tempted by this trooping trio of terrifying Daleks.

The sculpting is chunky without being cartoonish, and each Dalek is subtly different. The larger they are, the more detailed they get. Sadly, the weakness of resin is no more apparent than in the Dalek’s delicate protuberances.

Nail your Who colours to the mast, put these plunger-endowed killing machines on the wall and sip your tea enigmatically underneath them. You might not impress anyone other than fellow Whovians, but you have to admit, they’re kind of quirky. Surely, if Hilda had ever become a Doctor Who fan, she’d have purchased these.

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