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SFX Issue 254 On Sale Now

SFX 254 has been pushed through a wormhole to your newsagent and is on the shelves now! Go between the stars with our exclusive insider look at Interstellar , and enjoy the usual selection of SF, horror and fantasy news and reviews before an overfarmed Earth runs out of food and we all start eating each other.

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New Zealand's finest vamps lurk as we talk to Jemaine Clement about What We Do In The Shadows . PLUS: Ascension begins, comedian Tim Minchin tells us about his favourite sci-fi, and author Ann Leckie tells us what it's like to be laden with so many awards.

Out of this world... Get even more excited for Interstellar as screenwriter Jonah Nolan talks to SFX about the meticulous making of this year's biggest sci-fi epic.

Year Three is upon us. We set our sights and pull back the string to find out what Oliver, Felicity et al will be targeting this season. Archery puns kept to a minimum, promise.

They're back, they're bigger, and there are more explosions. Oh, and the Jordanian military gets involved in the filming of this still-moral tale.

We corner the master of fantasy fiction and bombard him with your questions. He takes it remarkably well.

Is Horns any good? How about the new Turtles movie? Will the Godzilla home release stomp on you? Should you read Gregory Maguire's Egg & Spoon ? These questions and many more expertly answered as ever.

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