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SFX Issue 180

March 2009


Jorge Garcia

“It would be fun to see a battle, like the Ewoks fighting for Endor”

Tell us one thing that’s happening with Hurley in season five.

“I have a lot of wardrobe changes for some reason. And not everything’s the most flattering clothing choices.”

What do you want to happen in the end?

“There’s definitely different people who feel that they can claim the Island for their own and that’s going to have to come to a head somehow. It would be a fun environment to see a battle happen, like the Ewoks fighting for Endor maybe.”

So, some Stormtroopers come through and a couple of AT-ATs?

“Yeah, something crazy!”

What do you want Hurley to do that he’s not done yet?

“He hasn’t done much stuff with guns and everyone else has. The only gun he fired was by accident, shooting the flare in the sky, so to see him with a shotgun or rifle in his hand, having to lay down the law would be nice. Him resisting guns all this time then having to step up and own it would be interesting.”

What do you want to do in Hawaii before you leave?

“I haven’t learned to surf yet. I’ve got to at least take a lesson before I go. I have to!”

How has life changed since you started Lost ?

“Strangers come up and ask if they can hug me. It’s a lot of moms and grandma types usually.”

Not hot blondes?

“No, I’m more of a hit with kids and parents. People tell me, ‘My mom loves you!’ Or, ‘You’re my children’s favourite.’ I guess I must be huggable!”

Have you been to the UK?

“Yeah. I’ve been four times and fans tend to get more excited. American fans have a layer of cool they have to fight through, but fans in Europe aren’t afraid to scream and go nuts.”

Are you saying English people are not cool?

[Laughs] “No, no, I love England.”

What do you like about it?

“Curry. I’m a big fan of lamb korma. I always get chicken tikka masala, lamb korma and then I pick something I haven’t had, like butter chicken. I try to expand. Vindaloo will just kill you both ways. It hurts going out especially. That’s serious stuff.”

You used to do stand-up. Any British comedians you like?

“Russell Brand is crazy and can riff for a long time very fast and it’s hard for Americans to understand. But when he makes up songs on the spot it’s great. It’s like watching a magic trick. When the song works and he can finish it and it rhymes. I’m like, ’Wow! Nice move.’”