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SFX Issue 126 review


January 2005

Game review:


Crap show, crap game

Format reviewed: PlayStation 2
Other formats: PC
Reviewer: Tom Mayo

It was staggering enough when the first Knight Rider game came out, and gave us a new benchmark for mediocrity. From our knees, we fell prone, gasping, when they decided to milk the powdery KITT teat one more time.

Don’t ask us about game features. Don’t ask us about level content, about graphics, about music. We know, and we could tell you, but please – don’t ask. There’s an infinitesimal chance that some scrap of information could accidentally fascinate you, and make you wonder if you should go to a shop and buy this. We simply couldn’t live with ourselves if you did that. This game is clumsy. It is dull. It is the awkward son of a drab little man who should never really have been born in the first place.

It’s not that this is inhumanly evil. Heaven forbid that you consider us so black of heart that we would sadistically and undeservingly castigate a mundane frippery for cheap laughs – it’s simply that toweringly superior games exist. This isn’t even something that Knight Rider completists (sweet Jesus, what a terrifying three words) should splash out on at full price. It has 99p written all over it – or will do, in a few months time. You just watch.

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