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SFX AWARDS For Your Consideration: Iwan Rheon

Invisible Misfit Iwan Rheon is Jordan Farley’s choice for Best Actor in The SFX Awards

Earlier this year Lauren Socha won Best Supporting Actress award and Robert Sheehan was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Baftas. The name missing from that list was Iwan Rheon, Misfits ’ resident introvert-turned-back-alley-ninja Simon. If I have anything to do with it the same won’t be said of the SFX Sci-fi Awards 2012.

In a line up of, let’s face it, difficult-to-love lawbreaking yoofs (at least at first), Simon is the only entirely sympathetic character – and not all that’s down to Howard Overman’s superb writing. From his awkward washboard posture, top-button fashion sense and after-school-mum-special haircut Rheon makes Simon look uncomfortable in his own skin before even opening his mouth. Once he does it’s hard not to fall for Rheon’s geeky charms, but his most impressive work can be found in the occasional, shocking bursts of violence or impotent anger at Nathan’s constant teasing.

Rheon gave a standout performance in the show’s first series, and as Simon has taken on increasing importance in the story – revealed to be the mysterious man-in-black Superhoodie during the second series – Rheon has been more than a match for the challenge, transforming himself physically and mentally for the dual role. Simon and Superhoodie may as well be played by two people, the differences are so extreme. He’s totally convincing as both and without an actor as accomplished as Rheon in that role the whole multi-series arc would fall apart.

Misfits can survive the loss of Robert Sheehan, but I’m not so sure the same could be said about Iwan Rheon. That deserves to be recognised.

Jordan Farley
Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.