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SFX 232 On Sale Now!

The latest issue of the galaxy’s greatest sci-fi magazine, SFX , is on sale now with an exclusive report from the set of Game Of Thrones season three, our massive fantasy movie preview and the start of our countdown to Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

Check out the new issue of SFX , on shelves now:

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Winter Is Coming

We stroke Sean Bean’s severed head and spend a day with Wolf unit on the (chilly) set of HBO’s lavish fantasy series Game of Thrones for our packed season three preview.

Fantasy Movie Preview

Jack the Giant Killer , Oz: The Great and Powerful and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters headline our look at the biggest fantasy flicks of the next few months. We speak to the directors Bryan Singer, Sam Raimi and Tommy Wirkola.

Black Mirror Series 2

Charlie Brooker’s brilliant anthology show returns to screens this month with another three tales of techno-terror. We speak to the man himself about each instalment and discover three of his favourite anthology show episodes.

Cloud Atlas

To mark the release of The Wachowski siblings’ and Tom Tykwer’s wildly ambitious David Mitchell adaptation we chat to all four about the unusual story behind the making of, and filming an unfilmable novel.

20 Reasons We Love Doctor Who in the 60s

The first part of our countdown to Doctor Who 50 covers the 20 things we love the most about Doctor Who’s first decade on the air.

Captain Britain

This month’s time machine takes a trip back to 1976 for the birth of American’s British answer to the First Avenger, Captain Britain.

Gemma Arterton on Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

We chat kicking witches in the fanny (the British version, that is) with the kick-ass fairytale heroine.

Christopher Brookmyre

The Scottish author on his latest, videogame-infused novel Bedlam .

Reviewed and Rated

Cloud Atlas , Wreck-It Ralph , Mama and Warm Bodies all impress on the big screen; Game Of Thrones season two, Beast Of the Southern Wild , Skyfall and Antiviral are the choice picks on DVD; we give the thumbs up to Karen Lord’s The Best Of All Possible Worlds , Paul Witcover’s The Emperor Of All Things and Batman: Death Of The Family ; while Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is your must-play videogame this month.


All our much-loved regulars; while in news there’s a heartfelt tribute to the FAB Gerry Anderson, David Morrissey tells us what’s in store for The Walking Dead season 3.5, Guillermo Del Toro talks Mama and Being Human ’s ghost-in-residence Kate Bracken talks season five.

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I'm the News Editor at Total Film magazine, running the opening pages of every issue where you can read exclusive interviews and see first-look images from the biggest films. I was previously the Community Editor at sci-fi, fantasy and horror movie bible SFX. You'll find my name on news, reviews, and interviews covering every type of movie, from the latest French arthouse release to the biggest Hollywood blockbuster. My work has also featured in Official PlayStation Magazine and Edge. Outside of my day job, I'm a FromSoft fanatic (proudest achievement: beating Malenia solo) and a TV connoisseur (translation: I'll watch anything).