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SFX 231 On Sale Now!

The latest issue of the galaxy’s greatest sci-fi magazine, SFX , is on sale now with a star-studded preview of 2013 at the movies, a peek behind the scenes of Being Human 's fifth series and a look back at Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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The Mighty 2013 Movie Preview

Let’s play a game. We’ll tell you the names of all the people we spoke to in our massive preview of 2013’s cinematic offerings, and you tell us what movies they talked to us about. Bonus (completely non-redeemable) SFX Points for anyone who gets them all right: JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Tom Hanks, Sam Raimi, Famke Janssen, Bryan Singer, Bruce Campbell, Guillermo Del Toro and Matt Damon. So, how did you do?

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Teresa Palmer talks Warm Bodies

The Zom-Com star on falling in love with the undead and her love of the genre.

Being Human Series Five

BBC Three’s stellar supernatural drama is celebrating half a decade this year. To mark the return of vampires, werewolves and ghosts to our screens we visited the set and spoke to the show’s creator, Toby Whithouse, about the new Big Bad.

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Couch Potato

Top British comic book writer Tony Lee joins us on the hot seat(s) for a videogame-themed Couch. Boy, there are some stinkers this month.

Wreck-It Ralph

No-one can ever make a good videogame movie, right? Wrong. Disney have only gone and done it with their latest, charming CG animation, a love-letter to the world of gaming. We speak to the makers.

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Class Act

Lifting the veil on the strange worlds of comic creator Alan Class

Karen Lord

With The Best Of All Possible Worlds finally available later this month, the Redemption In Indigo author tells us what inspires her speculative fiction.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

We travel back to 1979 and re-evaluate Starfleet’s often unfairly-maligned big screen debut.

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Reviewed and Rated

The Hobbit comes up slightly short on the big screen, while Looper , Holy Motors , Dredd and V/H/S impress on DVD. In books there’s Hugh Howey’s debut Wool , the recent 2000 AD Trifecta gets the thumbs up in comics, and we declare the final episode of The Walking Dead game one of the finest of the year.


In Red Alert we get the first word on Marchlands follow-up Lightfields ; chat to Jonathan "brother of Christopher" Nolan about Person Of Interest s recent sci-fi turn; there’s five things you need to know about Syfy’s huge new TV show/videogame event Defiance ; we talk Primeval: New World with star Miranda Frigon; ponder the end of time with the heir to The Wheel Of Time Brandon Sanderson; and hang out with Blake’s 7 as the cast are reunited for an audio drama. And don't get us started on all your usual columnists, letters, View Screen features and more…

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I'm the News Editor at Total Film magazine, running the opening pages of every issue where you can read exclusive interviews and see first-look images from the biggest films. I was previously the Community Editor at sci-fi, fantasy and horror movie bible SFX. You'll find my name on news, reviews, and interviews covering every type of movie, from the latest French arthouse release to the biggest Hollywood blockbuster. My work has also featured in Official PlayStation Magazine and Edge. Outside of my day job, I'm a FromSoft fanatic (proudest achievement: beating Malenia solo) and a TV connoisseur (translation: I'll watch anything).